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  2. Been so busy here!!! Radical engine went away for inspection, I had first and sixth gear left but could only use sixth as the primary that engages first was toast - basically I belw the entire gearbox to bits So new (2nd hand) gearbox fitted, complete engine check reviled one valve stem a few thou out of true most likely from the massive over rev from a 5th to 2nd gear change at 100mph That was replaced all valves re-lapped and the engine is back in the Zed Shed II I can't get the Radical in the Zed Shed due to a massive re-org going on, along with being mentally busy with my day job (gotta pay for all this somehow) not to mention the Beb Shed / Zed Shed Go-Ped/Go-Quad collaboration and a host of other commitments things have been MANIC!! Anyway what's been going on - I know you are all desperate to find out (or not ) Someone came in for a bonnet change - well he is always on it like a car bonnet I added some bits to the die we made for bending the Go-Ped frame Made a mount for the press Then tested it .... Still not happy So start again Pipe plates - these were off cuts ts so I did the rest Lathe work done - joined one side Then thought the other side would be an issue to join - came up with this Just weld through the holes re-made the holder and it now does this - Happy (at last) More coming ..................
  3. I had a go in a Fiesta ST the other day and it was definitely quick enough, dont see the need for a 300hp RS version TBH
  4. I tell you what would be funny, if it wasn't actually £350m a week at all, can you imagine, if it was something like just two thirds of that That our now PM deliberately misled the public, can you imagine that!
  5. Due to a change in circumstances I'm going to have to pull out.... I'll still be there but will have to take my rav4 and park up instead I had loads of fun last time I came here on this stand, so have another great day guys. 1. Keyser the imposter ( got yours see you Saturday) 2. NickC (Pass sent) 3. Silverhorn 4. pagan  5. snowy87 (Pass sent) 6. Rich_T (pass sent) 7. andy James ( got mine) 8. AmyZed 9. Mikevv (Pass sent) 10. baileydom (Pass sent) 11. N13GEY 12. Stephanie (pass sent) 13. DanzleyO (Pass sent) 14. Richn370 (Pass sent) 15. Panman (Pass sent)  
  6. They have sat here for ages now I have 2 people after them If the other guy that PM's me does not take them I'll let you know ASAP mate
  7. Yesterday
  8. Wow so they will use that to rejuvenate town centres, update hospitals, create job opportunities for everyone, money for schools, more Police on the streets, the possibilities are endless. ...... oh and a bridge in London with grass and flowers on it.
  9. Still a better shout than Hunt though, to be fair.
  10. I met some people from Essex at ace cafe London two months back. Be good to meet up in future at bluewater or somewhere local.
  11. ShortPaul

    350Z roadster

    Hi mate you might be better off buy my 350 but it's not a roadster
  12. holy thread revival Batman! I heard the newer ones are smoother. As in the HR. Only thing to look out for is oil gallery gasket/ oil pressure etc The 370 is more spacious although more thirsty. Z4 a bit cramped. Look for a fresh 2007-2008 HR id say
  13. Facel Vega HK500 ! No reason never seen one in the flesh but look fantastic!

    350Z roadster

    As well as all the usual 350Z/350GT stuff that gives issues, make sure that the roof fabric is in good shape, typical costs to replace just the fabric is between £850.00/£1000.00 Also, make sure that the roof mechanism works flawlessly as this can get very expensive to fix as is a specialist job, so much so that Nissan dealers will not entertain such a job.
  15. The soundtrack was awesome. I hope they will dive back to the 80s for this
  16. lol...importing is an option. But some guy listing his at £35,000 had me laughing my head off
  17. i have a feeling it will be around £60,000-£70,000 Looks wise it looks good. I rather this than a 4 pot.
  18. napp

    350Z roadster

    sold my convertible saab a few months back and thinking of going for the roadster as I love the 350 lump in my skyline 350GT.I just don't get to use it much. I have had it over a year and I doubt I have covered 1000 miles in it. it drives very well with a good strong engine, its had a few small issues that I have sorted out but I don't need a practical car. so a two seater is fine. so if any owners out there who can give me the points to look out for would be a big help as all cars have there issues.
  19. Vauxhall have bought the Viva back but it has gone from a large family car to a small rollerskate!
  20. 1. Keyser 2. andy James + Doris 3. Stephanie  4. buster and netti 5. Coldel 6. Gg2040uk (Maz) 7. Olly350z 8. MatthewThain + Amy 9. Andy_Muxlow + 1
  21. Looking forwards to this £350m a week we will have to spend come November...
  22. 1. Keyser the imposter ( got yours see you Saturday) 2. NickC (Pass sent) 3. Silverhorn 4. pagan  5. snowy87 (Pass sent) 6. Rich_T (pass sent) 7. andy James ( got mine) 8. AmyZed 9. Mikevv (Pass sent) 10. baileydom (Pass sent) 11. N13GEY 12. Stephanie (pass sent) 13. Jamesz87 14. DanzleyO (Pass sent) 15. Richn370 (Pass sent) 16. Panman (Pass sent)   
  23. The demand is there for them to bring one out. Think the problem is that it will have a massive effect on focus RS sales and they can't be allowing that.
  24. Where are you based? I’ll snap these up if there still available!
  25. Hi - if this is still on the table I’m interested. I’ve got black leather heated seats in similar condition, based in Bristol.
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