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  2. StevoD

    350z Hydro Install

    @docwra would be a good person to talk to
  3. Impressed

    My Z new owner?

    Any one seen-bought by Z from WBAC? PY08... Silver GT.
  4. Impressed

    Low oil temperature query

    I might be talking shite here because I have never hat a car with an oil temp gauge. I would have thought on a NA engine the cooling water has closer more direct contact with the main engine heat source, so would be hotter. Wait for someone with more knowledge in case your engine blows up.
  5. Impressed

    Neighbour Stacking Stuff Against My House

    Have you checked your deeds? There may be a path but I suspect the border will be in the centre of it. I live in a detached bungalow with my drive on the fight hand side of my house. It looks like the whole drive is mine but it is not. The property on my right owns the first meter if I look at the deeds and I own the first meter of the drive on the house on my left. When you think about it has to be like that otherwise how could my neighbour maintain his wall without being on my property? Anyway. The stuff against your house is not good. When rain hits a brick wall the brick absorbs the water. Don't be fooled by water repellent snake oil etc. This is the way houses have been successfully built for 100s of years with no problems. When it stops raining the brick dries out. You get problem's when you do something that makes the brickwork experiences more dampness that the architect expected. Thing like a continually dripping gutter or blocked downpipes, broken tiles or missing slates. If you have stuff stacked against the wall you are going to get splashing, trapped water and lack of airflow for drying the brickwork. I would have him move it. I would not be confrontational because the last thing you want is friction with your neighbours. I would say something like "I have just had a kitchen fitted and noticed a bit of damp. The damp fixing guy suggested it might be because of me stacking stuff against the external brickwork. Any chance you can stack your shite against your own house? In the nicest possible way if you get my drift. Check your deeds before hand in case this does not work so you have something to go forward. Its easy to do. TBH regardless of what the deeds say, even if he owns the land right to your brickwork its definitely your wall. Does your roof line not overhang his land then? Seems to be an un-lightly situation to me. Be cool but defiantly get it sorted and check your gutters etc. as well.
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  7. PPod

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    It's great you managed to sell it to a forum member means it will be well looked after who knows could even end up buying it back few years later
  8. Payco

    They Have Arrived.

    Took a better photo yesterday. Here goes. Haven't fitted the centre cap or decal yet.
  9. Redsky

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Sorry to hear the end of this, this is one of those forum posts I picked up part way through and really did enjoy reading. Sort of a lot of what I wanted to do to my 350 but never had the funds xD. I do understand prioritizing though, making some changes now to have a bigger effect later on. I will definitely be looking out too see what you'll get up to with a supra of GTR though. Good luck with your future plans
  10. Ebized

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    Add me in Andy Oh, and having checked the location I see for those who are concerned about an early start, or the venue being too remote, I see there is a handy Travelodge on site
  11. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Well guys, my journey with KE53VJC is over. I've had her 5 years and I have loved owning her. It was a journey of development and it was more than just a car to me. So, I'm moving on now. I have to consider my future and certain sacrifices have to be made to achieve the goals I have set. She'll still be on the forum. Ian has bought her and no doubt he'll have the time, knowledge and money to transform it into something amazing. Not this summer coming but next summer I'll be on the hunt for an R33 GTR or a Supra. I'll have to be quick or lucky, they're getting expensive, especially the Skylines. The Americans are importing them left and right.
  12. Snjur

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Bit of a disappointment and change. For some reason only know to importer of Husqvarna bikes they are only importing Husqvarna Enduro bikes to Croatia. Aside of Enduro 0. Did a few call tried to see if something can be worked out for Supermoto program but without any success. Very strange approach by Husqvarna dealership. So after initial disappointment and few sad days new goal was set. KTM SMC690R which is actually close sibling to Husqvarna SM701 but with few more tweaks. For Supermoto bike it come seriously equipped from factory. Quickshifter up/down, Traction control in 2 modes angle sensitive, ABS with possiblity of switching off rear wheel and later on even front, slippery clutch, 145 kg and 74 bhp. Comparing to Husqy it's quite more upgrade. Deliveries are expected to be during February. Awaiting on price for powerparts like Akrapovic, intake and ecu tune.
  13. RobPhoboS

    Dirty Christmas fun ! Cams/stem seals/timing chain

    Many thanks ! I have a lot more reference photo's as well, so anyone is welcome to PM me to ask if there's is something they are looking for. The bits that had me stumped for a few mins were the alternator/pulley brackets, as there is a certain order that it must go back in. Unfortunately I couldn't find that in the FSM. And lastly the 1 plug I couldn't figure out but Keyser came to the rescue ! I was using RTV from a 40g tube, however it's pretty hard to squeeze out. I tried using a little syringe, it works out much better although I should have bought a longer one. (and yep I filled a gap I missed after the pic) These 'wobble' sockets are amazing ! They came to the rescue a fair few times where you can't get a good angle. This might help for ref, just where the brackets go - note, put the power steering one and torque it first before the alternator This is the connector that I couldn't find the home for. It's on the end of the horn wire and I couldn't spot where it went. @Keyser Suggested it was above the AC tube thing, in front of the rad but behind the plastic core, and he was right (of course). It was possible to click it back into place after removing the alu crash bar, so not difficult. I'll post up some photo's of various tools and bits I used later this week. I really hate the hose clamps, I'd like to change them all out, either to refresh them or a different design. Total bugger to work with at times so I'll get proper hose clamp pliers anyway. Any recommendations for pliers or new style clamps would be excellent ! I managed to fire her up last night ! Ran the cams in for a bit and took her for a very short, 2nd gear drive around the block (2-2.5k), just to get a little bit of temp in the oil etc. I've just got to re-align the steering yoke, 1 spline out and bleed the clutch And then I'll go for a longer drive (keeping it in the 2-2.5k rpm range) before dropping the running-in oil. Torqen, JWT, 350Butcher, ZMANALEX, Keyser have been absolutely awesome! Many thanks again for the help chaps ! I've got to say that choosing products from JWT was better than I had expected too. I needed to ask a few questions, and they've given me some nice detailed information that I couldn't find online. I can't imagine some other companies doing that, and I wouldn't really expect them to after they've sold their product. I've still got a load of stuff to sort out over the coming months, and I'm sure this time next year I'll end up doing the 'rings/pistons
  14. Keyser

    Where the heck does this plug in?

    Glad it's sorted
  15. Wayne370Z

    Vue cinema pre show.... love the bass!

    Yeah, I always love hearing that each time I go cinema.
  16. RobPhoboS

    Where the heck does this plug in?

    Yep, you are correct ! Flaky little blighter now unfortunately, so I'll be replacing it and the power steering cooler when I can.
  17. Keyser

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    I was thinking I'd drop by - just to look at some Zed's I'll park at the other end of the car park
  18. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Recon engine

    Yes give me a ring 01883 732331 ext 2 thanks Mark
  19. JoeK

    350z Hydro Install

    £600 for the hydro is a lot when it can be done for £150. When I say angle mods, I'll start out with the rack spacers but eventually yh I will be looking at a full angle kit
  20. Sly@Kaizer Motor

    Recon engine

    Hi James. We don't provide as exchange, but could rebuild yours. Give us a call at 07852291335 if you like to get more info. Thanks Sly.
  21. 1CE

    Nismo V1 Spoiler

    Sorry I'm not posting due to the size and how fragile it can be.
  22. Jetpilot

    Alpine A110 by Renault

    You might not like it if you drove it, so I would grab the opportunity and get that test drive, same goes for a M2, you can watch all the reviews in the world but ultimately it will come down to which you prefer to drive in most cases, so whether its now or later in the year that your in a position to buy, start narrowing the list down and when it comes to pulling the pin, your primed to know what your going for or at least between a couple of contenders.
  23. davey_83

    Both windows not dropping

    It's these door switches that tell the windows to drop upon opening. These could have a dirty contact, mispositioning or folded over themselves as one of mine did.
  24. zeebez

    Project: Nismopotamus

    The pet project is starting to make a bit of progress now I took the car down to the guys at Bodyworks in Camberley to get the damaged boot repaired and I decided to go for the 2 tone paint. I also got a cheapo fibreglass/ carbon mix ducktail and got that slapped on the car at the same time. End result is I'm much happier with how the car looks now and there are no more ugly holes or dents in my boot lid, while they were fixing the dents I also had the rear wiper hole welded and smoothed over. Next on the list is to get some fresh rotors and pads fitted upfront so when I stop I don't sound like I'm running over a pig lol Im also hoping to have a crack at skinning my wing mirrors in carbon to tie them in with the rear spoiler Before: After:
  25. Yesterday
  26. andy james

    South Central Breakfast Meet 27th Jan

    Will book table mid week. More hardcore Zedders required!
  27. evilscorp

    Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    Spent the day looking at turbos, didnt plan to upgrade the oem one but my mind keeps imagining what else this car could become. Knowing that I will eventually stick my spare VQ35DE engine in the car I would like to transfer things over and I noticed the new G25 Garrett turbos can come in different rotations but don’t use a 5bolt flange like the SR20 uses however the Garrett GTX2863 would be the ideal size for the SR20 and two would give a good shove to a VQ35, issue is it can’t be bought in both rotations. Since the VQ will have plenty of space in the S14, two turbos would be fun especially if I already have one left over from the SR20. Research shows the 300zx VG30dett manifolds bolt straight to the VQ35 but people don’t use them because of issues with engine mounts? This shouldn’t be an issue with the custom mounts I will need anyway, but has anyone else got info on VG30DETT manifolds?
  28. GranTurismoEra

    Alpine A110 by Renault

    Spoke to the lady. Said her husband wanted to get the yellow inner lights like the blue one. Not so sure. The tricolore vinyl is very nice. French tourists will love that here in London. The sales guy wanted me to come back for a test drive. Tbh I only want to drive it if Im buying. Ill see at end of this year if no new Z on horizon then maybe but starting to like the M2 watching the reviews and edits on YouTube. Who knows.
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