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  2. Hello All zedders. I’m looking for a rollover for my zed. They are available on the Internet. Just out of hope I’m seeing if anyone has one I could possibly borrow to aid me on my build? many thanks
  3. Only just been able to make it but missed out on stand pass for my 240Z I'm based up the road in Cheltenham and would love to join you guys so if anyone can't make it for any reason i'd happily take their ticket!
  4. 1. Andy James x2 tickets PAID 2. Andy_Muxlow PAID 3. 14N-PAID 4.SHEZZA x2 tickets PAID 5. Mopedmark x2 tickets PAID 6. N1ck x2 PAID 7. BUSTER x2 PAID 8. Shire x2 paid 9. Humpy x2 - PAID 10. Monkeybrain1234 PAID 11. Nso93 paid
  5. I think it might be just us 2
  6. Going to be buying my ticket Friday - need this payday to hurry up xD
  7. just out of interest how many 350GT SKYLINE owners are on this forum ?
  8. There will be a deadline for this show next month so don't miss out!
  9. Today
  10. I'd say TDI North in Warrington are your best bet, if you want someone with a good reputation. Other than that any good mechanic should be able to do them.
  11. Hey! Good to know there’s other similar cars out there ill be honest, and the regreasing of the DV was piece of mind, but it hasn’t made any difference really. I think I’ve got used to the noise and succumbed to the fact that it does it and it’s “normal”. I just cannot predict when it does or doesn’t do it, seems to be pretty random!
  12. Sweet Sundays is back. Assorted chocolates eg M&Ms, Maltesers etc. Promotion bags get stars. 2 stars per smaller bag. 5 stars per big one. Tesco's doing the big bags for £2. So 2 bags for £4 and go cinema on Sunday for free at participating cinemas like Cineworld.
  13. Hi Ian Could I ask if you could make me a panel (same as GreenBear) with a silver Z please? Thanks mate.
  14. Bagz

    Battery upgrade

    The S5 is a tight squeeze but it’s a definite upgrade in terms of cranking power. It’s never started so quickly or easily!
  15. Looking to come back to another Z after selling my JDM 350z ST back in 2007! In particular looking for a 370z GT Coupe, Manual, Sub 40k miles, no too many previous owners. I'm based in Watford but can travel approx 150 miles. Many thanks
  16. Right S2000 is sold after its Ring trip and now itching to replace it with a 370z! Specifically looking for a GT Coupe, Manual, sub 40k miles and not too many previous owners, - if anyone is selling please let me know
  17. Thanks for your thoughts and comments.
  18. Yes mate, in stock and good to go same/next day.
  19. I'd recommend you stick with a 350z if you're stretching your budget. Only reason I say is, the price to fix a punctured tyre or get a service or even do a mod or two will easily push you over your budget. To answer your question, no I haven't had any issues with my synchros and I don't think it's a common problem. There is also a way to deal with synchros, most people have issues with 1st and 2nd gear but that's because they're changing gears too early or shifting down from 5 to 2 too fast and messing the ECU timing up.
  20. Hi Guys Currently in the market for a Z. Was focusing on a low mileage 08-09 350Z. However, I noticed that I with a little more spent, I can get a high mileage 370Z for the same price. I called a dealer who had a 2010 370Z with 110k on the clock with a full service history on sale for £9K. He mentioned that the car had or has a problem with synchromesh on 5th gear. The fix was/would be about £2k. This something others have had? Any advice, thoughts, reflections? Never owned a Z before so not much to go on. Clearly if the work has not yet been carried out then I'd be cautious! Cheers.
  21. I've had the same problem with my z keychain it's like the attachment screw was to weak. Was it a bad batch maybe ? Not looking for a replacement just wanted to say Asad
  22. Just seen the silver one there too, looks well
  23. I have brought my ticket today, So im all ready✌
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