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Perforation Warranty Success (before/after pics)


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Couple of months ago when detailing the zed I noticed a small (>5p sized) bit of bubbling on the front bonnet just above the nissan badge, remembered reading on here about the 12 year Perforation Warranty, my zed it a 2003 so not exactly a young gun however still within the warranty period.


Booked the zed in with Chorley Nissan (Preston) for its annual service in Dec and upon picking I mentioned this to them then, as it was dark they advised to come during the day so that they could take some pictures and send to Nissan HQ.


So last week I popped in, one of the service guys (really helpful guy) came out took some pics, initially he said Nissan would try and reject the claim and blame stone chips, however, popped the bonnet and it was clear as day that the corrosion was coming from underneath, the guy took loads of pics and advised its up to HQ to decide and I willl get a call back...


Just got off the phone, they have a brand new bonnet for me which will be sprayed and fitted next week :yahoo:


Can honestly say, the service I receive from Chorley Nissan (Preston) has been 1st class, service prices aren't bad either ;)


Before pics...


Bonnet looks in fairly good condition



Very small bit of corrosion coming through



Closer look...



Corrosion more apparent under the rubber seal :scare:



zed's currently at the body shop, will post more pics when she returns home :) in the mean time im cruising automatic nissan note B) not!


Update: Zed is home, after pics below :thumbs:

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Cheers guys, knew you would be all made up :thumbs: certainly was a result I wasn't expecting :D


Spoke to the bodyshop people earlier and asked them to give me a quote on the front bumper too (may as well make the zed perfect :drive1 ), they said they'l give me a call on monday with a quote, can anyone give me a clue as to how much I should be expecting?


Good result indeed...but just one question,isn't the bonnet alloy rather than steel,so the problem was alloy corrosion not rust?


Yes, from what I've read on here the bonnet is alloy

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  • 1 month later...

Apologies on the delayed update on this, been working away over the last couple of week! Anyways gave the zed a good clean on friday, here's some pics including the new bonnet courtesy of nissan :)


Corrosion gone :)



Rusty no more :D



Brand spanker bonnet :teeth:



Used megs metal polish on the headlights, yet another good tip found on here :thumbs:





AG used on the Alezan came up quite well, will be trying liquid leather soon! I know its not to everyones taste but got to say the Alezan is definitely my favourite option :cloud9:




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I have a few spots on my 04 too, but I'm only after buying the car so not original owner, do you think I should have any extra problems trying to make a claim?


I'm not the original owner either so that shouldn't make a difference. I guess it all boils down to how good your local Nissan dealer is, the one I used is Chorley Nissan in Preston, they have branches throughout the north west are generally well regarded.


Good luck!

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What if it hasn't been serviced by Nissan all it's life? The book is fully stamped up to date but do you think they would likely be a bit more picky?


Oh, I also have a spot or 2 on the roof, obviously this can't be just replaced like the bonnet, anything they can do about it short of sanding it all down and respray, which I think is unlikely.

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The pint inspection report has to be filled in for every service for them to even consider honouring a claim.


I'm not sure if that has to be completed by a Nissan dealer, or whether an indy can do it.

But service stamps alone, regardless who they are, ain't enough.

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They didn't ask to see my service book when I claimed, although they prob hold all the details on their system as I've got full Nissan history, I'm unsure regarding pint (by this I guess you mean bodywork?) inspection, I know for a fact I've not requested nor been offered this come service time :shrug:

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Typo! *Paint.


The service book has a section in after the service pages listing Paintwork or Bodywork inspection (can't remember exly what it's called).

Dealers regularly forget to sign this.

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I'll have to go have a look at the service book then, but I can't remember seeing anything other than the stamp section filled in, even though some of the services have been down by Nissan.

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Mine has FNSH and the last 2 services were done at the dealer where my brother is the sales manager. At both services I've asked them to stamp the paintwork bit and both times they've said that they don't need to if it has FNSH, it only needs to be stamped if the services are done by an independent and in that case the paintwork inspection must be done by Nissan.


Whether this is correct or not I'm not sure, however as it has FNSH, if I ever need to claim I'm sure I can argue that it's they're fault for not stamping it as it should be part of the service and I did ask.

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Thank your lucky stars mate!


I have a blister on the roof of my09 Tempur and Nissan have made every excuse short of meteorite damage to get out of fixing it. The Dealer was fine, but Nissan UK are a total disgrace they were going to get out of sorting it anyway they could.


Even the dealership offered to put 200 quid into it saying it was body corosion system failure, leaving Nissan only 180 to pay to get the job done and they mugged me off for that piddling amount of money on a car that cost 32,728. In the end all they've done is alienate a customer and lost any semblence of loyalty. Totally discusted with them. :rant::thumbdown:

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I enquired after a stamp/inspection to maintain my body/paint warranty whilst the car was still under manufacturers warranty, and was told by Nissan that they would be happy to quote me for the work required to carry out an inspection, in able for them to honour their paintwork guarantee :doh:


So it appears that if you take up your legal right to service the vehicle away from Nissan main dealers, they will use the paintwork stamps as a revenue device. Subsequently if you are not up to date and have a problem, you may well be on your own.


Perhaps they should advertise the fact that they have a 12 year anti perforation warranty available free if you maintain a FNSH, otherwise available at a cost of £xxx paid annually. Just for transparancy.

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So it appears that if you take up your legal right to service the vehicle away from Nissan main dealers, they will use the paintwork stamps as a revenue device.


Yep, this is pretty much how I read the situation and why they say it's not needed if you have FNSH.

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