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New 370z Nismo owner

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Hi all,


New 2015 Nismo owner here, I sold my 2016 BMW 335d for it and so far no regrets! 


I do have some questions that I will pop into the appropriate sections, so for now just a hello from me 😁


Pic below shows the car tucked up in the garage, on its old number plate.


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Thanks for the welcome along guys!


I'm certainly no stranger to the forums, having been very active over on Focus ST OC (under another name) when I had my MK2 ST and to a lesser extent when I had my MK3. Since then though, I moved on to more sensible motors, firstly buying a Merc E350 Coupe and then more recently a BMW 335d Touring (family reasons!). I think there was a brief encounter with an FN2 Civic Type R too 🤣


I thought that forums had died off a bit, with the popularity of Facebook groups. However with the 370, all I can see is mainly overseas groups! Let me know if there are any other groups that would be good to be a part of - I'm looking for something centred around the North East of England!


And one last thing, who do you all use for servicing? I used to go to specialist Merc/BMW garages, but the same can't be seen for fast Nissans! 

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