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370Z Nismo owner's review.


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Might as well get right to it...5+ minute read


First noticed this car while I owned the 350Z. I had been browsing youtube and came across a youtuber who had bought one. Watched a few reviews and a few videos then went to a dealer to check it out in person. They had a 370Z Nismo in White brand new. I wasn't prepared to pay sticker price £36,000 at the time. So I waited till an ex demo came up. A mercedes dealer had called me 20 times regarding the A45 but I had my mind set on the Nissan. 


Anywho July Summer 17 I bought an ex demo after leaving a deposit from a chance listing 4k below retail with 3000 miles on the clock for £26,000. It was old stock but the new dealership wanted it gone. 




In Typical Nissan fashion they didnt want to deliver on the truck. The salesman had promised to deliver using some of his commission (yeah right). Some days past so I picked it up myself from Nissan Birmingham. On finding a quiet road leading to the Motorway I floored it and the revs climbed I shouted wow like the guy in Need For Speed when he drove the Agera for the first time. The power difference from the 350 DE was a bit more. Got back to London on a bright summer day and parked up on the drive.


Within minutes passers by "whoa" "look at that car" "fresh" "what car is that then"..."a 370 what?" and the usual neckbreaking. Parked up on the high street. People in the gym staring at the car. Some muttering nonsense as I got on with my workout. 


Went for a much needed blast in the country lanes. Aside from the fake sounds and muted exhaust, a great drive. Slightly unsettled over bumpy road surfaces. Most owners get more compliant coilovers more suited for our terrible roads. Bad back? might cope better with the GT. Nismo stock suspension is hard for most people




After a good 6 months despite the nice torque and pick up, I felt the exhaust was too muted so ordered AAM resonated short tails after seeing it on youtube. Waited almost 3 months to arrive. Fitted it and boy was it loud.


Very asbo and started to worry Id be bricked. First drive out went towards the traffic light and downshifted 3 gears in sequential order. The echo off the houses and the noise was insane. It took 1000 miles to settle. Some Torque loss but weight savings made up for that.




Yes you do get a rattle here and there. The trunk needs insulating and any vibration needs investigation. I lived with whatever because having sound befitting a sports car was more important for me. Now I had the package. Looks, sound, above average power what more could a poor mans 599 ask for?


Fast forward to 2019 I had bought another Nismo after selling the previous one and getting depressed. None of the previous tramlining issues. Car drove straight. A bit more worse for wear but still the same car. Came with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres so grip was good during the wet months. 285 35 19 at the rear with 245 40 19 at the front. 


Having previously owned the 350Z I noticed more grip at the back, slightly bigger car with a higher seating position. More comfortable recaro seats and a smoother more muted engine. MPGs were thirstier on average but more suited to A, B and M roads as opposed to City driving. Highest MPG achieved was 26 Miles Per Gallon and worst when I daily drove my previous 2017 was around 17 mpg. Average 22.8 MPG




Friday evening after the gym, decided to dump my stuff and hit up the Cotswolds. While everyone was having dinner or getting wasted the roads were clear. 1st gear 25mph rev lights 2nd gear 60mph change up. Ill admit Chris Harris was right. Its not VTEC, it does flatten post 7000 RPM. 3rd gear redline is illegal territory so thats where the fun typically ends.


Synchro rev makes for modern manual shifting. Smooth down and upshifting. Once the exhaust is on you dont hear the sound actuator much. The noise from the exhaust is addictive. So are the 2 to 3 quick pops on downshift and odd pop on upshift which is all you need really. These are natural which is good.


I was never a fan of constant popping and banging. It doesn't suit the nature of the 370Z. Ive always said the combination of a natural sound combined with the sound of the H mid pipe giving it that trumpety sound make it sound unique. Only a few exhausts on the market perfect this. Short Tails being the best in my opinion. For the people who want peace, a more reasonable cat back or full system might offer some relief to your ears.




Steering is direct and hydraulic. As opposed to light and Electric. I prefer it. You feel connected to the road and can direct the car to where it needs to go. You know what the wheels are doing. Feedback is good. I test my tramlining limits on the battered crevices of the first lane on the A406. The car takes it without veering much. Lovely.


The Nismo doesn't body roll much at all. Corners flat and is controllable within reason. If you take the mick you will be punished. Never had such issues. Handling is direct. Recoverable within reason depending on conditions, Tyres and surface. Id recommend Michelins. Anything else doesn't quite match up for Spirited and Track work.




Costs and Typical spend on the 370Z is £630 for Taxes. Insurance is top 10 groups I think. Not far off the GTR. Cost around £900-£1100 at 35. Petrol spend youre looking at £45 per 130 miles. If you wanted to go on a 3 hour blast in the lake, peak districts and cover 60 miles etc youll need to put in a good £25-£35 pounds so you dont get panicky looking for the nearest Petrol station. Full tank is around £80. Ive been out driving spiritedly 3-4 hours on £30. 


Somewhat forgiving on range as long as you're not the punisher on the gas.  Should you have less than 25 miles remaining and get the dots, youll have to summon whoever you believe in to carry you home. You literally have a gallon and at best 20 miles before you need AA. Step on it in anger then just dial for help soon after






Looks, styling and more looks. No doubt the looks divide opinions. I laugh when people say its ugly or comment similar things online. No one has ever said that in real life. Boomerang lights were not to everyones taste but also very unique. The Nismo stands out from the crowd in any colour. White accentuates the lines from front quarter and side profile. From the front in uncoming traffic you're drawn to its road presence. A wide low stance, a red lip very uncommon on cars and a styled angled grill giving it a sporty look.


Simple yet stylish. A neckbreaker for sure. A host of aftermarket options if you want to add. For me it doesn't need much. Vented fender or Bonnet id probably consider. Aside from that its a looker regardless. Kids love it and point a lot, dont forget to give them a rev or a flash!




Power wise its a split. Yes when the Nismo first dropped it was the dogs in terms of power (339 bhp). Now you have inspirational hot hatches like A45, Focus RS, Golf R, Audi S3/RS3 with auto boxes doing numbers on NA cars. But thats not why I went for this car. With enough power to land you a ban, the power is plenty enough for British roads.


Power delivery is linear and predictable. For people coming from more powerful cars it may feel underpowered but its not a slow car by any means. After watching numerous track videos it keeps up with much more powerful cars driver and course dependent. It is progressive on the limit. 


Power Mods and Driveability. If that isnt enough for you there are numerous options. Go down the cheapest route youre looking at High Flow Cats and a Map since the most restrictive part of the exhaust system is the Catalyst. That alone provides up to 20 hp increase. Always do the research on this. Add a Stillen intake and you could squeeze 30hp - 35hp combined with HFC. Ideally id save the money and settle on 370hp basic mods above. They improve response and driveability. 


Should my numbers come through Supercharged would be reasonable. To beat Supercars being manual youll need to go Twin Turbo. The characteristics of the car change completely. Then you need to think about Big Brake kits, Suspension mods and Gearbox alterations maybe.






These are just my opinions. Im no technical expert. If you choose to go through the headache of aftermarket headers you could possibly squeeze more power approaching 380-390hp but thats hoping. Then there are a host of boosted options setting you back £8000 to £15,000+. Depending on how far you wish to go.


Supercharged option is reasonable and will get in the 450-525hp range retaining linear power. Anymore youll need to build or reinforce the engine to deal with the extra power.


Another consideration to improve the Nismo is 4.08 gears for improved gearing and an LSD upgrade for cornering. Again much needed research on this.




Im guessing mods appeal to a certain crowd but most people would be OEM or OEM plus. Youll have to forgive its imperfections. All made up for in a unique driver centric format. The infotainment sat nav system people complain about is functional and quick. Not as laggy as some "premium" systems I've used. Its tech is outdated and could easily be a 1997 Z. Thats why I love it. All the gimmicky stuff can be retrofit. Ipads, heated steering wheels, LED lights etc. 


Practicality. Space for a large suitcase and 2 medium bags. Shallow boot. No spare tyre. 6 speakers and a sub. Sound insulation improved over 350Z. 2 Seater.


If like me non of this stuff bothers you and you want something that is an experience in itself youre running out of time to grab one at a reasonable price. They will appreciate with time evidenced by its older sister 350Z.


In Conclusion. The Nismo is a car that divides opinions. If you dont care about opinions try it for yourself. A car that makes you want to explore new roads, new areas and go where most people haven't gone before. Ive picked up my keys and gone on numerous pointless drives. I discovered over 40 miles of Cotswold and Windsor country roads during post lockdown. Good car to do it in too.


So you want a Nismo, then its worth thinking about. Youve been scouting and researching like a student on a deadline......so keep looking along with the 1000s who view it per day on Autotrader




Or do what I did drop the cash and enjoy. 


My ratings


Looks - 9/10


Sound OEM- 5/10 short tails 8/10


Handling - 8/10


Power- 7/10 by todays standards


Practicality - 6/10


Comfort for a Sports GT - 6/10


Overall 7.5/10


Pros - Unique, driver focused, road presence, X factor, admired by public, decent power and good reliability, cheaper to buy than rivals, old school and analogue.


Cons - Less efficient than rivals, high running costs, slightly heavy, needs some aftermarket attention, miniscule refinement over 350Z, sound insulation and comforts lacking, tech basic, non hard wearing interior materials, thin paint


Some Stats

Price range - £17,000 - £41,000 (Updated))

Tax - £165 or £635 pre April 2017 (Price dependent)

Weight - 1570KG roughly

MPG - 16 - 35 MPG. 

Power - 339 HP

Rivals - Porsche Cayman 2.7/3.4, F Type V6, Toyota Supra 2019, BMW Z4 35iS Roadster Hard Top



Hope I didnt bore you too much. Next up New 2023 Z review. Cant wait 😂 



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Well my driving habits changed, i did more long runs and motorway driving frequently with the second car hence 23mpg. First car was mainly town driven and to work on a 6 mile round trip and 6 miles return to gym. Occasional weekend drive to nowhere. Hence 17 mpg. Hopefully will help potential buyers. Happy to discuss niggling issues. Etc. 

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Thanks @Lee370z, appreciate the feedback, Took around an hour then did some editing this morning to make it more readable. 


Yeah I agree Andy, there will be good deals here and there especially for the mark 1. I had to wait a few months the first time. I also called up seeing if theyd sell their demo cars 😂. Winter time is the best time. 


@willsy1980 appreciate that, im no journalist. I tried to be a bit impartial even though Im a fan. Now I have a reference to point to if I ever wanted to become a blogger slash reviewer lol. I did leave out some bits to keep it on the more positive side. 


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My first Nismo after it drifted into Halfords. Do regret selling as it was near new and all original. Its had 2 owners since but one thing stood out. Thats the price it was at 3,000 miles and 6 months old!


https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202106183947940?aggregatedTrim=Nismo&make=NISSAN&include-delivery-option=on&model=370 Z&radius=1500&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&postcode=ha28qr&sort=relevance&page=1


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What a brilliant write up, refreshing to hear from someone who is passionate and has good car knowledge, I completely agree with every single thing you said, couldn't of put it better! Like most things the people who slate these cars are usually people who haven't driven them. Most new cars lack character and are becoming less and less driver focused, plus the further we get towards getting rid of new combustion engines the more these cars will be appreciated. The Z is special in its own right and the Nismo versions give a complete atheistic package that is different to anything on the market, hence why it gets so much attention on the road!


Definitely need to get myself down to the Cotswold to explore the roads!

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It will be a while before I can get another. I might pick up a GT. Either way its a great car and their value is definitely not heading south now theyve ceased production.


Worth holding on to and proper car with real character. If I was a millionaire id have the 350Z 380RS  from Japan and the 370Z Nismo. 350 Nismo is also good.


Your Z was a great deal. Ppl will lament missing opportunities to get in on the action. I knew in 2017 I had to make a move regardless of wages. Only live once. When I turned up to work literally shut down the place. 


Loved it and only liked discussing it with car enthusiasts.

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Looking back, I first posted my response to this thread back in June 2021.


It's still a good read and confirms again what a great vehicle it is, plus how glad I am that I decided to take a bit of a leap into the unknown three years ago (today).


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Not much out there that doesn't come with either a reliability penalty, higher insurance cost or some sort of con. I think this car has a good balance. Im considering another one because im still unsure about the rivals. Fortunately the only spend on my previous 3 Zs was servicing and the usual consumables.



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I remember researching the V2 Nismo after seeing one on A/T in December 2020, the one I ended up buying nearly two  months later - I knew the Z cars but never heard of 'Nismo' to be honest.


Basically I went ahead after getting some real world owner's advice and opinion from this forum, plus Mark at Abbey M/S, who conveniently are only 10 miles from me. 

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I bought my V1 similar time to you (Jan 2021) About a year ago I went to do a 2 year ownership write up and after reading your write up I honestly couldn't of put it any better then you had, so I never did :lol: I've read so many journalists review on these cars and doesn't come close to yours! 

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On 13/02/2024 at 13:31, Loadmaster said:

I remember researching the V2 Nismo after seeing one on A/T in December 2020, the one I ended up buying nearly two  months later - I knew the Z cars but never heard of 'Nismo' to be honest.


Basically I went ahead after getting some real world owner's advice and opinion from this forum, plus Mark at Abbey M/S, who conveniently are only 10 miles from me. 


I used to watch brosfourrspeed who had one with short tails. Then i went to Nissan to see it up close. They wanted £36,000 for a new one. So i had to get on the bike and get looking. Most V2 were £30,000 back in 17. I put deposit on one then a 6 month old popped up at £26,000. I called up straight away. Those were good times. My mate who had an E92 drove it and liked it. Although post 60 the bimmer takes off. Said it was nippy and it was about time you had a nice car. Years of running Civics, Pumas and VW stuff. 

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On 14/02/2024 at 15:16, Lewis Schwier said:

I bought my V1 similar time to you (Jan 2021) About a year ago I went to do a 2 year ownership write up and after reading your write up I honestly couldn't of put it any better then you had, so I never did :lol: I've read so many journalists review on these cars and doesn't come close to yours! 


Appreciate that sir! I still cant believe the price you got it and its condition. Ill keep an eye on your thread. Maybe youll be along on one of Daveys runs. I might not make the first ones as no car yet 😂

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