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Hello, Newbie in East Hampshire (UK)


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Got hold of an Auto Glym Headlight Restoration Kit, for under £30 and a little bit of time my cloudy headlights look so much better, really pleased with what you get in the kit and the clear instructions. Much cheaper than buying a pair if Headlights.

Also fitted a black new black stainless steel grill by Zunsport that I got from Tarmac Sportz, gives more protection to the radiator and oil cooler and looks better IMHO, need to be careful ordering one of these, a few options not just colour/finish.

Also added some decent locking wheel nuts, realised mine didn't have anything on....



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I am sooooooo happy right now, (might not last), but after never being able to open the roof since I bought my Z earlier in the year I got alot of help from ZMANALEX on here and after lots of searching around ordered a 5th Bow Motor through him. Also ordered another UK one from a decent guy on Facebook in Cumbria who also sold me one as I thought best to have a spare one of these after all I have learnt.

Came this morning and fitted it, and LIFT OFF everything seems to work.




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Well I need to own up to the fact my roof has stopped working, I believe it is/could be something different this time.....


Recently fitted a replacement 5th Bow Motor and got mine working, worked for a week and now something else has gone wrong. The windows dropped and passenger seat moved then the rear of the roof unlatched but then nothing, the rear of my roof is stuck in a slightly open position, cannot push it back down either.

These Roadsters have a lot more gadgetry to the roof than I realised, I would love to find out if someone has converted fully over to a manual operation.


There is a lot to go wrong I have now discovered.


Must be a way to take away the sensors and motor functions and create some kind of manual option. Love these "Z" Roadsters, but not this element, my old school manual operating convertibles had a lot going for them.



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Well a little update!

Got peed off with the roof, motors, sensors and general elektrickery so I decided for now to run without a roof as such. As my Z is a play thing and bought for open topped motoring I have decided to take out the motors and stripped off the old messed up canvas and just use as intended as a open topped car, many kit cars don't have a roof so this is my comfortable version of that!

Initially some of the frame is left in place as it supports the cover I throw over when not in use. Also one of the faults was the cover that lifts to store the roof was locked AND even the thin little wires to use as temporary emergency opening had a fault on one of them..........so that storage area couldn't be opened up.........

That's another project for another day..

Looks like this for now, and I am enjoying my Z more now I have got past the electric motorised roof nonsense, one day I will work out a manual version.




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So another update, the roof storage panel would not lift up, totally stuck/locked and the two back up wires in the boot did not help, one released a catch the other didn't so after a few days decided the only option was to cut a whole and go in at it from the boot. Not ideal but I am on a budget of sorts and after getting the car cheap I am determined to change it over to a manual operation eventually.

To stop myself getting cut I put some padding around the hole, have ordered some trim which will finish it off nicely.

After a bit of yoga I managed to get my hand on the catch that was not releasing and got it to move, with help I was then able to see that both catches had been released and the panel was now free, although would not fully lift up.

Soon worked out I needed to take the motors out of the boot which was a quick and easy job, the panel then easily lifted up.

Just working on options to hold it open and lock it down.




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Now changed the back panel that lifts up to store the roof, my original one had a nasty paint patch in the wrong colour plus paint was coming off so always caught my eye whenever near the Z. Looks much better and pleased everything lined up after some minor fettling.......





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I thought I would take a group photo of most of the motors involved in the roof operation that I have taken out of my Roadster.

Not to mention the windows and passenger seat that need to move. These plus all the sensors, wires and connectors is no wonder when they get on a bit things go wrong, you only need one thing to fail and you have a problem!!!

I had more than one problem and decided to head towards an all manual operation................getting there...




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24 minutes ago, Lee370Z said:

I'm really enjoying reading about what you are doing with it. :thumbs:


There is plenty to go wrong as you say, especially looking at your previous pic for sure. 

Thank you, it is sort of fun doing it and working through it. The whole roof design is good and when new dealers could help sort things I guess, some parts are hard to get now. The main problem is I am no mechanic or expert but I don't mind some basic stuff, but all the sensors and connectors on top of the actual motors just made me want to aim to convert over to manual. Cannot find anything anywhere on anyone doing this so I am making it up as I go along.

Love the car, always loved these Z's and wanted a Roadster so determined not to simply let this go. :thumbs:

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Another update, a bit of a contradiction to something I said earlier in my ownership, but I fancied some 19" black wheels with lower profile tyres to replace my 17" Rays, (still keeping the Rays for now), been looking for a while and just purchased these second hand but fairly good condition. Actually don't look that old and the tyres are good too.

The Wheels are Curva Concepts.

Tyres are Khumo Ecsta PS91's - 265/30/19 Rear and 255/30/19 Front.

I do feel it drives better now, and I like the look.





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