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Fast road/Track 350z HR build

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51 minutes ago, G1en@waxandshine said:

Good info, seems strange how the recommended wheel width is the widest size in the “acceptable” range. Maybe the tread block works better with a bit of “stretch”?

the sizes on offer are better for me with the 40 profile, it will raise the car back up little as it sits too low at the minute for normal use. 

To be fair, they are gonna be better than the AD08R as they are more a high performance road tyre than out and out track tyre. 

Looking forward to the review though as the nankang AR-1 i have are not at their best when cold or damp, the extreme wets are useless in the dry or warmth. In this country where we have 4 seasons in one day, these bad boys could be ideal, fingers crossed. 


If you look at the pic of my fronts the side wall is going in towards the wheel so I think its just the construction of the tyre is designed for being mounted onto a wider wheel. I probably would have gone with 245/255 40 sizes if I had of known this before hand.

40 profile works really well, car handles much better than it did with the 35 on 19" wheels before.


There's better then there's 5seconds faster over a 2 1/2 minute lap and I suspect most of that time was made up over the first half of the lap as its more technical as opposed to the last have giving more time with hp. If your hill climb runs are 1min and you could get 2secs off using these tyres think you'll be more than happy I'm sure! Yes good 'ol England does serve up every weather within a day of occasion.......that what we call summer!

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