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Got the Hump


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Paint was bubbling on the bonnet so now sorted with new one and updated it at the same time. Got rid of all the stone chips on the bumper as well.


Nissan helped towards the costs too because of the poor quality paint on the original lid ;)






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Nissan perforation warranty. It took quite some time to sort and had to go through a few a hoops to get sorted as well as having a full dealer service history.


If anyone was to ask me if they could get the same done with their Zed, you would need exceptional circumstances and even then it would be doubtful.


All depending on the age of the car of course.


You have to go through a Nissan garage and you have to get the work done via a nissan garage.

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Looks very good. Nice job


I had some bodywork done under warranty. Same as yourself. Full service history is needed and the age of the vehicle. Even then it wasn't easy. It all depends on the dealership who are the eyes of Nissan customer services. If they say its not a warranty problem, NCS will believe them.



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looks spot on mate, im getting mine done plus bumpers and nismo kit done at the same time. I'll wait until the bad weather has been and gone then het it sorted. how much was the bonnet if you don't mind me asking, id like to do the same to mine


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