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*** TORQEN *** GTR intake manifold on 370z


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Ladies and gents,


Would you be interested in having the awful plastic cheap looking intake manifold in your 370z replaced with as GTR manifold? It's not only the cosmetic reason, but as I'm sure you know already, the GTR has a larger twin plenum design comparing to the slimmer single plenum design on the 370z manifold. Generally, larger plenums will develop more torque than smaller plenums.


This has been tried by GTM before, but has always remained a prototype.


We've only started looking into this recently and I'll keep you updated with the progress on this thread. Feel free to comment, debate and suggest any ideas you might have!


Here are some shots from our CAD studies so far:







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Hi Kev,


Yss, there was a German guy trying to do it, he never finished the project, even after I've pestered him for a few good months after tracking him down. :lol:

Then GTM did a prototype, but went bust.


Let's see if TORQEN can pull this trough :)


I'd say start sourcing your OEM GTR intake manifold ASAP :lol:

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Don't forget the old DE as well :cry:


I think it may have already been done? I just came across these pics on US 350 page... Mind you it might be a HR nope, i just seen the comments its deffo a HR!







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