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new roof completed this morning


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New roof done this morning at jack smiths. Was there are 9am. All done by 1pm with my help because my roof mech isnt working properly so as i knew how to get around it i decided to say and help out. Very pleased with the the outcome. 1st roof in grey i beleive??




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ive not sorted the roof mech out yet, but as all the frame work was out on show I had a really good look and have a good idea now what the problem is. Also Ray says to keep the roof up for 3 to 4 weeks (hard to resist ) just so that the material has time to strech as its very tight over the frame. Think about it....my oem roof was 10 yrs old and had ten years of moving, stretching etc so what happens is that eventually becomes loose and is concave when taken off, as it was taking shape of the roof. New roof is based on oem templates so its very tight as it came out of the factory. Considering Nissan wanted 1500 bucks lol. So yes...very very pleased. I have got close up pics which Ill post asap

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More close up pics












The roof was dead easy to fit, now that I know how it was done. It looks more scary than it actually is. This in turn has given me the confidence to look indepth into the mechanisms and try and fathom out what is happening to cause it to no want to open properly. Watch this space lol



Can you make this into a sticky if only for the fact Im recomending Ray @ Jack Smiths Trimmers, Swansea. He has not got a website as he's a one man show working out of a rented garage behind a row of Terrace House. He is VAT registered and will give you an invoice if you want to go down that road. And he has a Face Book Page. Prices for the 350 are in or around the £300.00 mark.


HE DOES NOT DO OR FIX MECHANISMS - only roof material replacements and uses your existing rear window.. please note also that all coloured roofs are black inside.

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Just had a work colleague who has a MK3 Golf have his roof redone, not a show car but his daily driver that he just wants to keep running.

Took it here too.

Absolutely sterling job, Quality is beyond belief for the price!

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Had mine done today!


ZZZebady did yours sit up around the back when done and he said it will stretch down? At the mo water can run under the back and into mine but Ray said it will stretch down.


Anyway here are some photos.













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Wow shooze,

Are these the before or after pics??!

Doesn't seem to be the same quality / workmanship as ZZZebady.?

Have to see how it settles but quite surprised about it not sealing.

Was hoping to get mine done, but appreciate your pictures / post.

Happy sunny days!



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That's the new roof.


Its the fitment behind the rear side windows Im not too over the moon about. The rest of the roof is really nice quality but from a distance the B pillars look a bit holey... I might pop it back tomorrow and just see if theres anything he can do to pull them taughter.

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