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  1. Hey, guys. Can't make it this time. Sound like it will be cool though.
  2. White 370 drving east along Victoria Rd in Diss about 8am. Me heading west in black 370.
  3. I was thinking that, ShortPaul
  4. Are these little clips a standard fitment for most cars or Nissan only? A few were missing or broken when I was replacing my washer pump.
  5. I'm good to look at another day that suits us all?
  6. New pump from Alex and now good to go!
  7. I'll be attending to Scara's clicks too. These may be helful.
  8. That's cool you got the RJM pedal fitted in the end.
  9. Cheers. Checked the fuse and it's fine. Replacement pump motor it is then.
  10. I found this link to PDF's of the service manual. Hope it's okay to post here, admins? http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/370Z/Coupe/ PDF document WW has the location of the washer pump motor as well as the location/number of the washer pump fuse. I'll check these out then I update my query.
  11. I bought my 370 yesterday with a known fault - that the windscreen washer was not working. I'm thinking motor. However before I buy a replacement, I noticed that the headlamp washer is working. Anyone know if windscreen washer pump motor is in addition to the one supplying the headlamp washers?
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