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  1. Yes, but no major mods. Mainly uprated exhausts on both car and bikes.
  2. One of the reasons I started this thread was to see how often the eml light came on with HFC's. Definitely seems to be very random. And what is an extended sensor connector?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I may take the plunge in the New Year and try a pair of HFC cats, possibly with a new Y piece too. If the EML lights up, I'll then have to look into the remap option.
  4. Cheers for the confirmation. Was hoping the fault code thing would be a bit of a myth or rarity to be honest, so will have a think about it.
  5. I've gone through loads of exhaust topics, and it's fried my brain a bit! My GT4 has standard downpipes, cats and Y piece. From there on it has a Main Factory Fujitsubo Giken system. It's a very quiet system, no louder than standard. I don't want a noisy system, just a little more life to it. As I understand it, fitting cats, such as Torqens own brand HFC's, can increase volume but not excessively so. Is this correct? Other issues that seem to crop up in posts that I've read are some MOT failures and fault lights on the dash after fitting HFC's. I don't want to have to deal with stuff like this, so are these normal'ish type issues? Another thing I'd maybe look to change is the Y piece. I guess swapping that for an aftermarket section also increases its sound , but I've not really seen any feedback on that. Anyone have experience of this too?
  6. Worth a try though I guess. Something for the future possibly.
  7. Have you considered a dent removal guy? It's amazing what they can sort out, and at a fraction of the cost of a body shop.
  8. Not sure if it's too late for you, but I've just renewed my insurance in the last week, and saved a fortune, so it may be a benefit to you seeing as you've another car yet to insure. Normally, I had 7 bikes on a classic policy, 2 cars on different classic policies, and a modern runaround car on a normal policy. I've just taken out a multi vehicle policy with Footman James, everything's on it, all agreed values bar the modern one, £515 all in. Worth a look.
  9. This car still surprises me, really enjoying it. Think it's finally winning over Mrs Bobbyboy too......
  10. Welcome, from a new South Wales member and owner too :-)
  11. 54k, all Nissan and specialist serviced up until now. I'll probably do the same as my other car and self service it annually, just leaving the major jobs for a specialist.
  12. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Passed its MOT today with flying colours. Then sorted out the lazy rear hatch pop up, by adding a couple of rubber tap washers to each of the springs either side.
  13. Managed to take some pics today after all.
  14. Joined up here nearly 2 years ago, when I started looking for a Z. Finally, I've bought an Ultra Yellow GT4 and picked it up yesterday. What a car, really pleased to have lucked out finding it. I'll post up some pics once I've sorted out some time to take them.





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