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  1. Panoz33

    Hey guys/ gals!

    Hi and welcome. Enjoy every minute with it
  2. Panoz33

    Best motoring 350z documentary

    In my opinion Best Motoring produce some of the best content you can find online for Japanese vehicles and not only. Shame I can't speak Japanese because not all of them have subtitles or English commentary lol
  3. Panoz33

    ZeppoJeff Returns

    Zed is looking awesome
  4. Panoz33

    Best motoring 350z documentary

    Hi all I am not sure how many of you guys are aware of this video but I thought it might be a good idea to share it for anyone that never seen it. I found this very interesting especially for any DE owner. It's quite long too so sit back and enjoy lol
  5. Panoz33

    Newby from Southampton

    Yeah you can never get tired of that sound lol. I own a roadster and the feeling of having the top down and hearing that sound is awesome. I have mine for about 2 months now and every time I'm about to drive it I still feel as exited as the first day lol Enjoy it man and have fun with it. See you around
  6. That's extremely helpful information and very detailed. Thank you very much @cs2000. At least know we known what is going on with the windows. Please let us know if you come to any new developments about this. Appreciate it man
  7. Panoz33

    Neil's track day 350Z build (in orange)

    That should be interesting. I was a subscriber already and really liked the down to earth approach on your videos. I was happy when I've seen that you bought a 350z. Keep it up man.
  8. Welcome along. Awesome looking car dude.
  9. Oh ok I see. I didn't know if it was UK cars in general or just roadsters. Your car is a roadster as well though, isn't it? To be honest it's not a big deal but it would be nice to have it.
  10. I would be very interested to know the results. Is it a known issue then?
  11. Panoz33

    Fan issues, best replacement

    Oh I see. That's cool. Thanks for the info Alex
  12. Hello all. I tried to search for an answer and couldn't find anything. Also didn't know which topic would be the best to ask that so if mods think it should be moved then please do. Now with the question. As I looked in several other forums mainly us and on YouTube, apparently some Z can roll the windows up or down without you need to be in the car with the ignition on. If I'm correct you can roll the windows down when you hold the unlock button on the keyfob but to roll them back up you need to put the key in the lock and hold it in the locking position. My car which is a 2006 roadster doesn't do that. Is it because is roadster or this feature was only in the US cars? Maybe anything to do with production year? It would be nice if anyone of you know why some cars can do it and some others can't. Also is there any way I can activate that feature without aftermarket alarm system. Any help is very much appreciated.
  13. Panoz33

    Fan issues, best replacement

    Hi. Just out of curiosity, how do they mount on the stock radiator? Do they fit inside the plastic oem structure? Thanks in advance
  14. Panoz33

    Newby from Southampton

    Hello and welcome I'm new to the forum as well. How do you find living with a 370z?
  15. Panoz33

    Finally found a nismo v2 spoiler

    Is looking good mate