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  1. Finally wheels are on very pleased with them. Big thanks to Tarmac Sportz for sorting me out.
  2. Exactly that. I have done the fix by myself following the guide here and it worked a treat. Worth doing it in my opinion it's not hard at all. Good luck
  3. Awesome dude. Super clean and spot on fitment on the wheels. Well done
  4. Looking awesome dude. Love it in white
  5. Do you have a picture of your car with the eibach? As I said I would like it a bit lower but drivability is more important as I use the car daily Thanks man.
  6. Tein springs fitted here with wheel spacers. No problems over speed bumps at all and the ride is drastically improved. I was debating to go with eibach as I would like it a little bit lower but the fact that I would need camber arms and the possibility of scraping over speed bumps I chose the more sensible option.
  7. Panoz33

    Spacers are on!

    Job done. Thanks for your help guys. I'm very happy with them although I think the wheel bearing is going now lol I suppose it was on its way anyway just now with the spacers it's a bit more pronounced
  8. Fitted Tein springs and spacers. Absolutely loving it
  9. Welcome along buddy. Zed is looking clean. Well done you done well there
  10. Panoz33

    Spacers are on!

    @veeg33 appreciate your help man. Really good guide and helpful with the pictures. When I said if the stock studs are too long I didn't mean to use them to tighten the wheel and the spacers. (hope it makes sense what I'm saying lol) What I meant is that once you bolt the spacer into the hub then the stock studs are a little bit longer than the spacer itself. I've noticed that at your pictures as well. Now I'm guessing the stock wheels have holes and that doesn't matter as you and all the other guys fitted them without having to save the studs. Hope I didn't confuse you too much trying to explain what I mean lol Thanks for the tip about the bolt for the fronts as well
  11. Panoz33

    Spacers are on!

    Hi guys. Thanks for the info and the quick reply. I have decided now to go with this set up myself 20mm front and 25mm back. I have one last question though. Is the stock wheel studs too long for the 20mm at the front? Worth mentioning that I have the stock GT wheels. Do I need to modify anything in order to fit this set up or just bolt on and ready to go? Cheers
  12. Panoz33

    Spacers are on!

    Hi buddy. I know the post is almost a year old but I'm thinking of buying the same spacers. Any feedback after a year on the car would be much appreciated Thanks
  13. Massive thanks @dpbayly you saved me lots of money Very helpful guide and I can say it's not as hard as you might think it is. Definitely worth the 1 to 2 hours of work to your car. I managed to do it all without taking the undertray off. it is possible to finish the job all from the top. The only tricky bit is to unclip the 2 bottom switches. Again brilliant guide and thanks guys.
  14. Hi there. As a roadster owner myself I can tell you one thing. Just go for it I was like you never considered a convertible before and to be honest I thought that I don't even like them lol. My missus convinced me to go for the open top feel and I can reassure you it is totally worth it. The sound of the V6 with the roof down never gets old. The coupe might be a bit better on track etc but honestly on city and everyday driving you won't even notice the difference. I'm well impressed with the handling and I don't think is lacking much in comparison. About the auto box I don't really know as mine is a manual but I don't think is a horrible box in any way. Rust is the only issue you need to consider in my opinion. The money you need to spend to fix it you might as well spend it on wheels maintenance or any other mods you might fancy. What is your price range of you don't mind asking?
  15. Hello and welcome. Your roadster looks very similar to mine. Would be good to know if there is anybody that can service the roof. No problems yet (touch wood) but you never know



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