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  1. snowy87

    New 370z owner

    Hiya Ben, welcome to the forum. Your car looks stunning. I have the same only in black There is a meeting at Beaulieu Nr Southampton next Sunday (29th) I think there are still a couple of places available to come in with the club. Check out the "Simply Jap" listing it will give you all the details. Cheers and enjoy your Zed, Ken.
  2. Hi Asad, received mine yesterday. Very pleased with it. An absolute bargain. Cheers, Ken
  3. snowy87

    Newby from Southampton

    No problem, have a great weekend and fingers crossed for the weather. Cheers, Ken
  4. snowy87

    Newby from Southampton

    Ok Luke, look forward to seeing you there. Cheers, Ken
  5. snowy87

    Newby from Southampton

    Hi Luke, sorry for slow reply. I am in Sholing, on the East side of the city. No, I haven,t seen many Z's. A couple of 350's but no 370's. Are you going to Beaulieu on the 29th July?
  6. snowy87

    Newby from Southampton

    Hello again Humpy, are you going to the Beaulieu on the 29th July
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum
  8. Hi Asad, thanks very much. All paid for. Cheers, Ken
  9. snowy87

    Newby from Southampton

    You certainly chose the perfect time to buy a convertible. I think 2 months ago was the last time that it rained down here. Enjoy
  10. snowy87

    My Z

  11. snowy87


    1.Payco - PA04YCO - Nismo 370z - PAID 2.Panman - P44 AAN - bagged 350z - PAID 3.Olly350z - KD53 DGZ - Facelifted DE - PAID 4.Louis350z - HR - PAID  5.reeceybeaney - RB03 BOY - 350z DE - PAID x2  6.lukewilde - OV54 OWE - 350z DE - PAID 7.DeK_350 - CU04 RCY - 350z DE - PAID 8.Stuggerz - S7UG V - 350z DE - about to pay 9.Adi (Team Stuggerz) - PO11 UGN - R35 GTR - about to pay 10.DrMurderDeath - FV05FKG - 350Z DE - PAID 11.Dday - CF54 VGL - 350z -Paid 12. Dunks - Bog Standard Ginger - PAID 13. snowy87 K7SNO 370Z GT Edition - PAID x2 ONLY 2 LEFT...……………………………………………….
  12. snowy87

    Newby from Southampton

    Hi, I have owned the Z for around a month now. Still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. Luckily my commute to work is only about a 15 mile round trip so the fuel consumption isn't an issue. I also have fitted, the ARK catback exhaust system. I still haven't used the radio because I love having the window right down and just listen to the burble coming out of the back.. Sounds amazing!!
  13. Hi Asad, could you PM me the details please. I would like one too if they are still available. Cheers, Ken
  14. snowy87

    Newby from Southampton

    Hello again and thanks for the replies. I have been trying to add photos of my Z but am a bit of a technophobe. I can load photos onto Ebay no problem but my photos are "Too big" to go on this site according to the message every time I try. Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers, Ken
  15. snowy87

    Newby from Southampton

    Hello again and thanks for your replies. Sorry for slow response but have been away on holiday. Pretty pointless considering the fantastic weather in the UK at the moment. I will post some photos of my pride and joy as soon as she has had a wash Cheers, Ken