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  1. Ha ha, not quite what I meant Payco
  2. Cheers for that Mine is the same as yours was originally, although my compressor is missing. I suppose if you have the tyre "repair" fluid, then there is no need for a jack.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a 2012 Black GT Edition 370Z. I noticed when cleaning the boot out that there seems to be quite a lot of empty compartments in there. I have the bose equipment with no spare wheel. I have a wheel nut spanner, some tyre sealant and a towing eye. What else should there be in there please? Cheers.
  4. snowy87

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    Me the same. I love it, the wife says No.
  5. snowy87

    Hey from Southsea

    Hi and welcome along. Enjoy your new car
  6. snowy87

    Portsmouth Area

    Cheers for that, I will do my best. I hope you guys have a good meet to. Don't forget the photos
  7. snowy87

    Portsmouth Area

    Sorry but I wont be able to make Saturday as its my Birthday and the missus is taking me to get my surprise!!!! Enjoy the view and the burger
  8. snowy87

    Portsmouth Area

    Yep, I am only up the road in Southampton, so let me know if any meets are planned. As long as we don't talk about football
  9. snowy87

    Hampshire 370z specialist

    Hi, thanks for the thread. I am from Southampton and was about to post a similar question. 370Z specialists do seem to be a bit rare. Still, its quite a nice run up the A34 to Newbury when the time comes
  10. snowy87

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    I am very jealous. How did you manage to get that photo? I love the Vulcan
  11. snowy87

    New project..... Datsun 240z

    Here she is. Obviously a bit longer than the 240Z being a plus 2. The things you do when you are young...……….spot lights??……….Stripes?? Used to be a coal merchant, hence the piles of the black stuff in the background. Good luck with yours now back to the thread.
  12. snowy87

    New project..... Datsun 240z

    This takes me back. I had a Datsun 260Z +2 in 1979. I paid £850 for it. Gorgeous car. I bought it as a blue rust bucket, rebuilt it as a black (with fibre glass front wings and valance) stunner. I also replaced the straight 6 engine for a non smoky version. I sold it in 1981 for about £3200. How I wish I had kept it. I would think, at todays prices that your car would be worth around £25k - £30K, maybe more. Hopefully you can keep hold of it and enjoy it for a while.