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  1. What time do we need to be at Beaulieu? Or is everybody meeting up before hand to "convoy" in Report post Posted Friday at 18:49
  2. Now I feel really old Yep they did, but like most plus 2's it was fit for very small kids or limbo dancers. Now back to the original post
  3. You young whippersnapper. I will be 58 soon
  4. Hi Lee, you must be a similar age to me, I too had an early Z but mine was the 260Z +2. What are they worth now!!! I have had my 370Z GT Edition for just over a year. It is a 2012 but has only covered 7000 miles from new. I love every minute of driving it. The only mods I have are the ARK Stainless Steel exhaust and the K&N Air filter system. She is black and looks amazing when it is clean but unfortunately the gleam doesn't last long because it soon gets dirty again as I drive it to and from work 4 times a week. There are plenty of people on here that will give you advice on what to look for when purchasing one of these gems. I hope you enjoy your new purchase. All the best. Ken
  5. Hi, do we know if Simply Jap 2019 is happening regarding the Z club?
  6. Hello and welcome. Are you going to Simply Jap at Beaulieu? Sunday 28th July. Should be a good turnout
  7. Cheers Umster, that's very helpful. No, my car is basically standard apart from the exhaust and air intakes, so no problem with roughish roads. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks very much for that. Sounds like the place to go. How does it work? Do you leave the car with them and pick it up later or is there any where around to kill a few hours while you wait?
  9. Hi Stan, I cant help with the Mustang, looks like marzman is the man for that, but they do look amazing. Regarding the 370Z, I have had mine for nearly a year and I have loved and am loving every minute of it. The sound, the reliability, the looks and the performance are all exceptional. I use mine every day to and from work and I love it. I have owned some pretty amazing cars in my time and I thought that "proper" car ownership was over when I bought my Vauxhall Corsa and then a Ford Fiesta. Then like you, I suddenly thought, Sod it, I am not enjoying this. I am 57, yes mid-life crisis it may be but I have always loved the Z, I had a 260Z back in the 80's and always loved the 350Z and then the 370Z. Now I own a 2012 370Z GT Edition with just 6000 miles on the clock It is mint and I totally love it. Cant see this one going for quite some time yet. Regarding the Maserati, DONT DO IT!!! I worked for the local Maserati/Ferrari dealership for 14 years and saw the Maserati progress from the 3200 to the present. They have come a long way and they are a lot better. There is no better start up roar than the Gran Turismo and they do drive very well but and as you have said the repair/servicing costs are astronomical. I was on 1st name terms with a lot of customers purely because there car was always in for something or other. Even if you can find a cheaper labour rate the parts are very very expensive and things like brakes and steering don't last very long. In my opinion and it is only my opinion go for the Z Enjoy deciding.
  10. Hi, my 2012 370Z GT Edition is due a service and MOT at the end of this month. I live in Southampton and would be interested to hear where you take your Z's in this area. I don't really want to go main dealer though. Cheers.



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