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  1. Hi and welcome. Have you tried the obvious one first. Tyre pressures. The reason I say this is because mine was exactly the same as you. It would tramline and pull. I checked the pressures to find they were all over the place. Pumped up to 34psi all round and it was a different car. Lovely and straight on even the bumpiest roads. I expect some of the more established members will be on soon to give you a more in depth reason as to why your car is driving as it is but try the pressures 1st. It is the least expensive cure I hope you sort it soon and start enjoying your new ride. Cheers, Ken
  2. Hi, just to confirm, is the meeting tomorrow (Saturday) at the Auto Barn, Winchester 9am? Cheers
  3. Thank you. I think you are right. Decent Z garages don't seem to exist down here. Still, at least it will be a decent drive up there and back Thanks again for your help
  4. Hello. I am trying to find a local garage that could remap my 370Z. You would think I was asking for the moon. The only garages around me are either not interested or they don't have the right equipment for Japanese cars. I have phoned quite a few places now and have got absolutely nowhere. Can anyone out there recommend a garage in the Hampshire area that could actually do this for me please? Cheers
  5. What a difference to last year. It was brilliant. Thanks very much Andy for taking the helm this time around.
  6. See you all at Rownhams. Safe journey down. Will be parked somewhere around the Petrol station forecourt. It is quite large so shouldn't be a problem. See you tomorrow with plenty of sunshine
  7. Hi Rich, that sounds good. I went to last years wash out and yes, I think your idea of going in the Palace Lane entrance is a good idea. We went in to the main entrance last time and it was manic. Look forward to meeting you. Cheers, Ken
  8. Sounds good. Where abouts at Rownhams Services? In the petrol station? Cheers, Ken
  9. OK, thanks anyway. see you there
  10. Anybody meeting up beforehand so we can all go in together as a group? Report post Posted Friday at 18:49
  11. What time do we need to be at Beaulieu? Or is everybody meeting up before hand to "convoy" in Report post Posted Friday at 18:49
  12. Now I feel really old Yep they did, but like most plus 2's it was fit for very small kids or limbo dancers. Now back to the original post
  13. You young whippersnapper. I will be 58 soon
  14. Hi Lee, you must be a similar age to me, I too had an early Z but mine was the 260Z +2. What are they worth now!!! I have had my 370Z GT Edition for just over a year. It is a 2012 but has only covered 7000 miles from new. I love every minute of driving it. The only mods I have are the ARK Stainless Steel exhaust and the K&N Air filter system. She is black and looks amazing when it is clean but unfortunately the gleam doesn't last long because it soon gets dirty again as I drive it to and from work 4 times a week. There are plenty of people on here that will give you advice on what to look for when purchasing one of these gems. I hope you enjoy your new purchase. All the best. Ken



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