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  1. Dougtosh

    Knockhill tomorrow 15th June

    Hi Alex, Very Nice red GTR. I've been working at Loch lomond last 4 months so not been up at Knockhill but I'll need to get up to see this. Cheers Dougie
  2. I'm away on holiday , so won't make this.
  3. Dougtosh

    Scottish meets 2018

    hi , I haven't been on here for while but I would up for a few meets this year . Dougie
  4. Dougtosh


    Cheers. Nicola used car today and it started and ran no problem, no TC/abs lights on. I'm going to nip up to Knockhill tomorrow, hopefully better weather than last trackday,you done well driving round in that Alex, I'll see you there. Thanks again Dougie
  5. Hi. Driving on motorway about 65-70 when I felt a loss of power for a second like I had no drive to rear,it picked up again right away but the TC AND ABS LIGHTS came on and stayed on. Pressing TC button didn't put them off. When I stopped I restarted the TC and abs lights stayed on. Also when restarting there was a slight hesitation a bit like starter motor (sounds like TCH TCH TCH) before kicking in. Any ideas please? Thanks
  6. Dougtosh

    Great Fun at Knockhill today.

    This car is extremely quick round Knockhill when watching and even quicker when sat in the passenger seat,really appreciate those passenger laps Alex. Also Alex 's driving and track knowledge make passenger laps very very quick. Cheers again alex Dougie
  7. Dougtosh

    Clutch questions!

    Hi olly. Circa £1100, Yeah that's the De clutch kit and fitted and you get an xtreme sticker :-), I got mine fitted at infiniti Glasgow and even though they spent longer than originally expected to get it right (bleeding problems) they only charged initial costs £350 ish, Clarks was a great help also, Regards Dougie
  8. Dougtosh

    Busy week for my Z

    I'm still on my summer holidays , B-) , you can get nice new Wheelnuts from tarmacsportz for about 25 quid , nice touch for the wheels :-)
  9. Dougtosh

    Clutch questions!

    Hi olly I got the extreme clutch kit from clarks motorsports fitted in August, about £1100 all in, you can get cheaper, just letting u know a budget ;-). Enjoy the rest of your day Dougie
  10. Dougtosh

    Busy week for my Z

    You better not have your Xmas tree up yet
  11. Dougtosh

    My 2003 gunmetal baby :)

    Looking good olly,
  12. Dougtosh

    My Indian Wedding - 3rd Sept 2016

    Congratulations 🎊 Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  13. Dougtosh

    asianRobert's Daily 2007 350Z Touring

    Nice looking zed
  14. Dougtosh

    There goes my clutch again..

    Hi Tom They just weren't happy with the peddle pressure so they took it out, checked all OK and put back,still took a while to get a peddle they were happy with, it is very low biting point but after stalling it a few times I'm getting used to it. Mines is de (04) and i got it fitted at infiniti Glasgow, I got them to talk to clarks during fitting which helped.and they just charged original qoute £330 Hope you get things sorted Dougie
  15. Dougtosh

    There goes my clutch again..

    sorry to here this tom . what clutch kit did you buy Ive just had the extreme kit from clarks fitted and its took 4 days to get the clutch pedal right the box has been out twice but hopefully get car back tomorrow hope you get your clutch sorted