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  1. Get a screamer pipe on it. One of the best sounding cars then imo lol
  2. Awesome mate! i really want one too, but the running costs scare me! definately on the list tho, enjoy it mate
  3. ash170990

    Golf R

    I certainly think the Focus stands out more than the golf, i also think itll be much more fun to drive. the golf is a very fast capable car, but i get the feeling when drivign my mates it was made by lots of smart people with no sense of humour, where as i think the RS will just be a hoot to drive even without the "drift" mode.
  4. ash170990

    Golf R

    i Loved my mk1, was so underestimated. keep looking at another, but would have to pay double now what i paid for one as the prices are on the up!
  5. ash170990

    Golf R

    Yep, mate has a golf R, driven it plenty. would love one as a daily, plenty fast enough and the grip is unreal! handles brilliantly, however, ive pick the FRS (having owned both the mk1 and mk2 FRS) i think itll be much more exciting to drive even though it may not be as quick. Im not particually keen on the looks of the mk3 FRS, but im also very tempted by one as i think itll be amazing to drive.
  6. there seems to be laods around mk, but i never seem to see any haha
  7. Are you from out steeple claydon way by any chance? always see a very similar car to this? It's not me, haven't been that way for a while (I'm normally in MK or Northampton ) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Ah fair enough, theres one that looks very similar this way. Sounds lovely.
  8. Are you from out steeple claydon way by any chance? always see a very similar car to this?
  9. The battleaero is mine Where did you get it from and how much if you dont mind me asking?
  10. So is this at dons stadium and what time do people stay till? Only just seen this lol would I be welcome with a dead bumper?😂
  11. Ive not driven a standard 350, but own a charged one running 430bhp at the fly. Love it, unless its wet then it scares me lol although am looking at selling it as need to scratch the GTR itch.
  12. Yeah ill be there. ignore the front bumper though, found a badger last weekend and havnt had a chance to get it repaired yet.
  13. possibly a guy capped barry, BAP in the number plate?





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