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  1. Dal B

    Profile question

    Any reason in particular you want to do this for? They'll give you a much harsher ride (I know no one buys a 370 for a comfortable ride anyway) and will be more prone to potholes killing them. You'll be looking at a roughly 4% difference in your speedo too. As for TCS I'm not sure how much of a variance in rolling rotation you can go until its starts throwing problems up for this.
  2. Dal B

    Japfest Report & Pictures

    Had an awesome day even though I’m burnt to a crisp now. Many thanks for letting me jump on the stand at the last minute and thanks to StevoD for the extra stand pass Some amazing Z's on stand, the urge to boost mine has now grown
  3. Dal B

    Sat Nav Disc

    I also would be interested to find out as I am in the same boat, although I'm lead to believe there isn't any other cheaper solution
  4. Dal B

    This years motorsport

    Mainly F1 and BTCC for me. I will be supporting Ford in the WEC, especially after seeing the Ford GT race cars in work so much, but then I suppose I'm biased
  5. Dal B

    Essex Members?

    Usually a few meets gets sorted here and there, I just think we're all waiting on those lighter evenings which aren't too far away
  6. Dal B

    Battery over Winter period

    I had to replace my battery last weekend. I usually only use my 370z at the weekends (very rarely during the week, especially in winter) gave it a good drive the Sunday before last and sounded very weak whilst cranking. I left it for 4 days and went to use it Friday for it's MOT and it was dead, presuming the winter weather had killed it off.
  7. Dal B

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    I went there last month actually come to think of it. Was a decent drive up on the Maldon roads and there was some decent cars there too, could be worth a punt
  8. Dal B

    350z/370z Essex area meet?

    I think the last meet we had as a region was at the halfway house on the A127 a few months back. Was a good turnout but I'd say that for a meet on a weekday in the evening at this time of year, it would have to be somewhere under cover with good lighting. Unless it was done on a weekend
  9. Dal B

    Your dream job?

    For me it would have to be a job of some sort within a race team. I love motorsport weekends away and as much as I'm aware that working during it rather than walking around being a fan are 2 completely different things, the idea of travelling over the UK/world with the same team of guys/gals prepping and taking part in races appeals to me
  10. Dal B

    My 370z progress (going lowww)

    I'll swap you for a lip kit bro
  11. Dal B

    My 370z progress (going lowww)

    You could always ask the person whose car it is, he might know As Parello said I am currently in the process of sorting a set of carbon wings so left these unwrapped for the meantime in addition to getting the wrap cheaper. Plus I personally like them as they are for now as it breaks up the colour and ties in with the roof/mirrors/door handles/wheels etc. Understand it's not to everyone's taste but then the green might not be either. If we built our cars to please everyone we'd live in a boring world
  12. Dal B

    My 370z progress (going lowww)

    Fancied a change from the black so dropped the car down to S6 wraps for a makeover. Just need a set of carbon vented front wings to finish the look now but I'm looking forward to the next few shows
  13. Phew! Same to yours dude, can't wait to see your lip kit fitted too, you're jammy as hell getting hold of one of those.
  14. You got me panicking now! Mine is pretty obvious looking at the colour my callipers are
  15. Won't be able to get my head around seeing this car in white! You re-wrapping it a different colour? Mines booked in for Monday to be wrapped and I can't bloody wait to see it done