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  1. Lexx Goes Gold

    thank you Lexx for all your efforts and support of our great club and I wish you well for the future in all that you do. Rich
  2. just wondering whats happened to the raffle items that were won and donated back to the club to raffle off and put the funds back into the club? i was a winner of the 350z boot divider thank Ian kindly donated and asked to the team to raffle it off for the clubs proceeds and i know there were some others that did the same! just a reminder maybe lol!
  3. Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    ive been running the MPS4's for 3 weeks now and they grip better in dry and wet than the standard MPSS the traction control light has not been coming on half as much when i plant the lead foot! will let you know longevity in two years time lol......
  4. Rickdon Mk1 Nismo 370z build thread

    had some custom straight end pipes done this weekend with some 5" slash tips to finish off! have to say louder than i had anticipated and will probably annoy the neighbours and definitely give Buster a runs for his money for loudest zorst lol. It pops and bangs on the down shift and sounds like a DTM race car when foot hard down hehe..
  5. Z33 Clear Rear LED Tail Lights

    had some of these on the 350z they looked perfect on a silver zed and to be fair they look good on any colour!
  6. *** TORQEN *** 0% APR finance packages now available @ TORQEN

    inflated prices to start off with though lol.
  7. lets just say they are rare!
  8. Rickdon Mk1 Nismo 370z build thread

    check out pro bolt and SGS for the bolts. bonnet mirrors and prices are on a thread on the forum. do you have the small relay fuse box in the engine bay on yours?
  9. Rickdon Mk1 Nismo 370z build thread

    mirrors and fuse cover are made by myself which i do for all the zeds, dress up bolts are a mixture of stuff i have made and bought from SGS and pro bolt, some are colour fast stainless nuts and bolts where higher tension is needed.
  10. Rickdon Mk1 Nismo 370z build thread

    which are you referring too lol.
  11. New Nismo mk2

    the seats look better but i have been hearing they are no comparison comfort wise to the MK1. I for one can vouch for a 7 hour Cornwall drive and I felt fine afterwards.
  12. Rickdon Mk1 Nismo 370z build thread

    ok so I thought i need to update some of the little things i have been adding over the last few months! comprehensive engine bolts dress mod, bonnet mirrors, oil dip stick cover, mirror stainless fuse box lid, red carbon dip bits and swapped out the horrid interior light covers with the GTR ones and added some red led bulbs. enjoy! and not pictured red alloy dome heads for the petrol lid cover!