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  1. what size are those tips?
  2. SFS at a bargain £450
  3. 1 DE kit left and 1 HR kit left. can make to order though so please feel free to drop me a PM any time.
  4. could enter a 350/370 club stand next year perhaps?
  5. your inbox must be full as cannot send you a PM?
  6. welcome
  7. ok! pretty much giving this away now! £225 delivered. BUMP BUMP BUMP
  8. well i had more DE mirror kits than i thought lol! 3 actually so 2 left FYI
  9. we will get something sorted!
  10. think i might have one! drop me a PM please
  11. just spotted at the last second and waved, blue 350z heading toward Bawtry not long after 4pm. was in the white 370z
  12. I have had a brief discussion with a fellow member on here and maybe a couple of us could work together as a team and sort this out better! I am not on FB a lot and not a guru as such so if someone advertised and liaised on their and i could do the forum side and then its just a case of talking with a venue to make sure they are happy with a group turning up etc. so who would be able to volunteer for the team etc? we can do much more we working as a team!