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  1. Tried doing my rear ones yesterday. Had one of the retention clips snap, and could not get the remaining piece to come out with pliers, arrrgh. Will try snip the remaining piece of the old one so it's flush and the pin can come out. Don't expect to be able to get the piece of the old clip out of the pin after I do that - so will need a new pin. Nightmare!
  2. Collected my belts from the depot yesterday. Cheers again for the speedy service.
  3. Didn't notice till I was right alongside. Mate said you flashed, sorry for not flashing back. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  4. Paid £180 for the labour on mine last year. Got the part from zmanalex.
  5. Got the same corrosion issues on mine unfortunately. Get touch ups now and again but only long term solution is a new bonnet. Apparently the corrosion warranty is 12 years but as mentioned I think they insist an annual paint inspection must have been carried out, never tried asking them myself.
  6. Just a note on the references to the Republic of Ireland, yes they are going through severely bad times. I can't claim to know the details (I'm in Northern Ireland) however their issues are solely and completely down to the spectacular collapse of a construction industry caught up in an absurd bubble, itself inflated exponentially by a recklessly speculative banking industry - the biggest offender being the Anglo Irish bank. That said, they are the first of the rescued EU nations to technically exit their bailout and do have a strong presence from some very large, modern businesses attracted by a very low corporate tax rate (in Northern Ireland we have been begging Westminster for years to align our own corporate tax with the South). Ireland will recover and are actually a decent model to aspire toward - notwithstanding the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and property market collapse. Yes the normal working people have had massive additional taxes in recent years to sort out the mess (I know many personally) and the perennial emigration problem has gotten worse but know this, jobseekers allowance for over 26 year old in the Republic of Ireland is €188 per week. Families have been feeling the squeeze but last summer I drove from Belfast to the south coast (averaged 36mpg by the way!) and there wasn't a sniff of recession about the place.
  7. The smoked ones. Says they fit multiple models, Micra & Z included. It also says the manufacturer is Nissan but I doubt that, they look the same as the AutoArt ones. Hopefully they'll be grand, I had sort of noticed with the black electrical tape holding the current one in sits quite nicely under the black Z badge above it!
  8. Cheers Kyle, where did you get them?
  9. Cheers BulletMagnet, will hit them up now!
  10. The clips on one of my side repeaters has gone. Its currently held in with some electrical tape. All I can find when I search about are some smoked ones from AutoArt. Am not sure about the look of the quality of them. Don't want something that's gonna stand out as cheap muck. But they are £20 whuch doesn't seem that cheap for all that they are. Anyone changed or had to replace theirs? I'll do the pair as I dont want one new and one old. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  11. I am a developer, in a tean of 12. We called out the Xerox engineer today because the printer wasn't working. It wasn't plugged in. (But who unplugged it?!)
  12. The led that blinks for the alarm rattled for me. Took ages to figure that was the cause. Place a finger on it to see if the rattling stops. Wedge sonething in to stop it, a tiny bit of black plastic did mine.
  13. Nice. Been meaning to do mine. It really ages the car when they're cloudy.
  14. Mine normally sits around 19mpg, I rarely reset it and spend a lot of time in town. 700 mile mostly motorway round trip the other weekend: I didn't reset it on the way there and it went up to 26ish. Reset it for the return and got 33mpg. Wasn't driving to conserve fuel at any point. Well happy, in total used half a tank less that expected.





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