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  1. As above guys - the police control room called me about 7pm last night to ask if I had the car back because it had set off an anpr camera in Birmingham City Centre ! - I spent the rest of the night driving round town trying to spot it. No joy, but sounds like its still fairly local so please keep an eye out everyone cheers Jim
  2. We think they fished the keys from hall table near front door !!! I had a feeling this was the case, the security without a key is pretty good with the Zed. What is the stance with the insurance company...... will they still cover you despite the thieves getting hold of the keys? Dunno mate tbh, Im assuming so - basically breaking and entering to get the keys in order to steal the car ?
  3. not a lot - gave me a crime reference number and said they wouldnt be sending anyone as no CCTV or witnesses!!!
  4. We think they fished the keys from hall table near front door !!!
  5. also has square JDM recess number plate on the rear
  6. Some scumbag has stolen my Z from my drive overnight - taken from Birmingham City Centre I would be obliged if everyone could keep their eyes open - it has a personal plate P88LJF and a distinctive set of wheels I havent seen on another Z so should be fairly easy to spot if you come across it.. Any sightings please contact any police station or give me a shout on here cheers Jim
  7. Not sure if Im just being thick here! - I have a received a "pair" of rear droplinks I bought from an online supplier - they are DIFFERENT to each other? ie diff lengths, diff finish (one silver one black) diff size thread and bolts! Are they SIDED? ie a completely different one right and left? or have I just used a crap supplier?? I havent had the car up to check yet, any info welcome?
  8. YES gents P3 Service items arrived first thing this morning as promised - thanks for a brilliant service ! Jim
  9. UK spec 350z rear bumper required asap. Will consider anything from prefect condition grey bumper I can just bolt on to something in another colour which needs tidying/paint, provided the price reflects this No crash damaged or major repairs please. cheers
  10. frenshy

    JDM brakes

    Hi guys My JDM has standard single pot brakes - planning an upgrade to Brembos at some point when I am ready to bite the bullet and buy complete setup calipers etc. Meanwhile I need front disks and pads for the standard brakes - anyone got any or can recommend someone? cheers Jim
  11. hi mate sorry havent been on here for a while - yes Im still looking to swap
  12. Hi folks Just listed this set of 17" Enkei wheels, with tyres, on Ebay.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251353687182
  13. What sort of loom do you have coming out from your floor? Remove the passenger seat and take some photos at the bottom of it, showing the connectors. ok thanks ill do that
  14. Anyone know what needs to be done to use these to replace a standard non electric set of cloth seats in 350z?
  15. frenshy

    Rear splashguards

    I have one broken (offside) splash guard so looking for a replacement - either a single or a pair of rear if anyone has them. Gun metal would be a bonus but I can paint them no probs if not. cheers





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