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  1. Red_Nic

    test photo

    thanks for the web link coldel. sometimes my photo post works and sometimes not!
  2. I didn't know they were called pre-facelift. ok. thanks
  3. Red_Nic

    test photo

    why does a photo not appear when I browse, select a photo and post it.?
  4. does a normal mechanic do airbag inspections? or do I have to take it somewhere more specialised?
  5. oh that's great. thanks. but when I save it, it saves as a pdf. I cant seem to save it in excel so I can modify it?
  6. thanks for that link. I thought the 350Z forum would have had this info in a thread somewhere also?
  7. Hi, can you point me in the direction of what the official servicing schedule is? and how frequently we should oil change and spark plug change. Thought it would say in this "running (servicing, oil, tyres) forum, but I cant see it here. thankss
  8. ah shame I didn't see this. I was looking for a bury st eds meet, but thetford would've been ok.
  9. Jon@ I need the 2004 DE version.
  10. Ah I didn't realise they came in gunmetal grey and black! ok I will double check that! thanks





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