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  1. Only advice I'll give... Don't buy this one Although it's done about 24k motorway miles
  2. Well I've had this for 1100 miles now, and it's not been back at the garage.... so it's doing better than the Z
  3. M135i Deals on them are very tempting, and 400bhp is easily attainable.... as well as 40mpg. Just isn't a looker
  4. I'm just pulling a fuse for the moment when I park up, it's a pain in the arse but it seems to work without draining the battery. I've got to commute to Lancaster in the morning where I'm working for a few months, so.... I'll get it into an auto spark to sort out. I've had a look at the relays, no water in there or anything... but I dunno.... I'm scunnered with the car, cannot wait to get shot of it.
  5. I also have the dark alloys, and they were bubbling too after just 8mths from new. However I kerbed a wheel, and due to the expected difficulty in getting a perfect colour match, I told the guy to do all 4 wheels.... The quality of his job is superior to Nissans IMO. 12mths on and the wheels are still completely blemish free still. The alloy refurb guy was pretty shocked at how poorly the wheels had been painted from the factory.
  6. Another month... another problem. Quite a simple one really. My lights will not switch off when the cars stopped. The sidelights are staying on constantly and the battery keeps draining as a result. Sigh..... 4 more weeks
  7. The EU probably needs remodelled a bit. However half the country have no idea what benefits it brings, and associate it with immigrants, Johnny foreigner, and crazy law.
  8. AJRFulton

    BMW M135i

    Its PCP, and the auto version. Putting the 5k equity I have on the Z in, and taking a car costing 36.5k with extras...... I'm 360 pcm for 4yrs. The gearbox is IMO as good as any dual clutch I've tried (admittedly only a golf, and early dual clutch audi) Indeed if the likes of Chris Harris is saying he thought it was a dual clutch until he read the spec, it's telling just how good an auto box it is.
  9. AJRFulton

    BMW M135i

    Having been utterly disgruntled by the 370Z and it's complete lack of reliability, I thought I'd give the M135i a test drive. I was never sold on its looks so hadn't considered it much. I liked it so much I bought an auto one and pick it up next month. Barring looks, it was hard to think of a single aspect that it doesn't at least equal the Z in during the 90 minute test drive, but ownership will reveal further. The deal on offer was a no brainer, and all things considered will work out £200 a month cheaper. Cheaper finance, better efficiency, cheaper tax, cheaper tyres. It was a no brainer decision to trade the Z in.
  10. In the mid to late 00's, there would be a strong case for the M6 being the best all round car that money could buy. Super car performance, strong practicality, premium comfort. Few cars in history tick those 3 boxes quite so well as the M6.
  11. ^^^ This. And I suspect it'll be the vocal Yes camp that would do so. On another note, someone on another forum said that this is too big an issue to be decided on one vote. Really this should be done over three referendums over consecutive governments, and if all three votes are to the Yes then that's when the change should happen. Same thing if the UK ever gets an In/Out vote on Europe, that should be done over three consecutive votes as well. 15 years is enough to ensure that the population genuinely do want to stick or twist, the odd one is too random over something so life changing. Keep seeing No Thanks signs in fields being burned. Been a little flurry of these, and vandalising No flyers/posters/signs around me. I wouldn't dare put anything showing support for no on my house or car. The Yes supporters are definitely far more militant.
  12. I don't think it's particularly difficult to imagine mild unrest if things don't go as planned with whoever wins. Obviously it won't be civil war, or anything particularly violent, but not hard to imagine people taking to the street in protest, if it goes wrong.
  13. A near 50/50 is the worst possible result. Only Montenegro has ever gained independence with a closish vote (55-45 IIRC), but the ethnic, geopolitical and economic situation there is pretty incomparable to that of Scotland, with distinct ethnic groups and different languages. A nation starting off with half it's population not wanting it is dangerous IMO. Indeed very dangerous if it doesn't go smoothly, as that will turn to anger. For me if we do vote Yes, I can only hope it does go smooth as due to my job a Yes vote will have an adverse affect on my career, in the mid/long term it will uproot me from my home land or force a career change.... I'd be very angry if that happened because some leftist nationalists wanted their pound of flesh, and go on to make an arse of it all.
  14. I think political reform is overdue in the UK. However the Yes campaigns vision of politics isn't what I want to be part of. Yes has aligned itself far too much to the left IMO. Personally I do feel it's alienated voters such as myself (and I'm voting No by default.... not because I'm happy with things), and I feel people such as myself make up a significant minority of the electorate. The prospect of living in a country with alternating New Labour and SNP governments, and the bloated public sectors and higher taxes for folk earning +40k both would likely bring, frightens me. I say that as somebody who believes strongly in smaller government. I find governments the world over terrific at spending money and getting poor value for it. I want governments to have less control over spending, and (as a whole) public servants to have greater accountability and better performance.
  15. My job sees me travel about many power stations and chemical/oil refineries. I am in contact with hundreds of people over the period, admittedly a very small demographic, but.... I find very few supporting the yes camp in these work places. Where as 2 of my best friends work in the public sectors and state Yes camps are perhaps in the majority. That is what I'm finding fascinating, how it appears differing demographs of people are voting.... its not a healthy thing either IMO. The division is clearly more than just political opinion. I personally am a tradesman come professional who's doing fairly well for myself, and got where I am by rolling up the sleeves and being prepared to work anywhere for however many hours. I live a fairly atypical life to how that description would fit. In my immediate social circle, which is maybe 25-30 people there are 3 Yes voters.





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