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  1. Car sold. Can a moderator close this please
  2. Car under offer at the moment awaiting deposit
  3. full service history.new tyres bodywork has no scratches. would be worth your while flying over
  4. Could arrange delivery to UK mainland for free
  5. agree with wacky it never leaves you. Ask Colin
  6. satnav and connect premium on this model
  7. Thanks guys, not a BMW fan, too common. This thread just proves cars are like women, not every man goes for the same woman. I found the xfs quite exciting to drive, a big difference to the xf. I think for looks the Jag is way out in front.
  8. its a lovely car and the 7 speed auto just makes it so much fun. I'm just finding it harder to get in and out off now with my back problems. I'm about 15 miles from belfast city airport. Le Mans blue is what i intended to put sorry.
  9. having owned my 370Z Coupe GT Auto for 3 years now I feel its time for a change. Registered in June 2011 and owned by Nissan for 6 months before I bought it. Completely standard car in showroom condition Only 14800 miles from new New tyres just fitted 500 miles ago. Looks stunning in lamons blue selling price £17750
  10. Are you talking about the 5.0 V8 petrol
  11. Owning a 370Z has been an experience I have loved. The fun to drive, the admiring looks you get and even had people stopping me to tell me how beautiful my car was. I have severe back trouble resulting from a car accident 10 years ago which makes getting in and out of the 370 a bit of a struggle if someone else parks to close to you so I'm looking something thats nearly as good to drive but more suitable.
  12. Have thought of a GTR but the servicing costs rule it out
  13. Hi Guys I'm thinking of moving on my370Z auto after 2 years. I'm thinking of a jaguar XF 3litre turbo diesel. Des anyone have any thought they would like to share?
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