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  1. Provisionally yes, just waiting for the guy to pick her up. There may be tears!!
  2. Yes folks still for sale. PM me if you're still interested
  3. Car looks lovely mate. Was great meeting you earlier, and I hope to see pics of the next mod asap. I know it'll look awesome and really set the zed off.
  4. that's interesting, thanks for that mate I'll have a butchers tomorrow
  5. Hi Adrian. I bought it used from a guy on eBay. left it a month or so before I fitted it and when I came to do so it didn't work.
  6. I have a D1 spec throttle controller that I bought earlier this year from eBay. When I eventually got round to fitting it i found it didn't function. I only got the odd flicker... As it had been a fair few months since I bought it, I couldn't exactly send the thing back. Being an electrical engineer I had a look at trying to find the problem. I summised that it had 12v going in to the controller but no 12v going from there to the display unit. Asking for £25 posted
  7. Unfortunately the time has come that I need to buy a sensible family car after the Mrs just giving birth to our second child. so it is with a heavy heart and long deliberation that I have to put my pride and joy up for sale. She is an 04 plate GM Zed with a tad over 85k miles on the clock. All the usual GT refinements such as electric heated seats, Bose stereo, Air-conditioning, 18 inch alloys. previous owner had a gaming Sat-Nav fitted into the cubby above the stereo. This turns on/off with the ignition. MODIFICATIONS; Over the 4 years I have owned the zed I had added the following, •JWT popcharger •Horsham Developments plenum spacer •Tarmac Sports bonnet struts •rickdon slam panel •Scorpion stainless steel back box •Japspeed silenced decats •Silvertec front indicator bulbs •led sidelight, interior and numberplate bulbs •Tarmac Sports INGs style front lip •OEM side spats and G35 rear spats •Honda s2000 stubby ariel •Pioneer CD/DVD headunit •14N boot divider •Stillen side window louvers I also had the front end completely resprayed by RT Performance last year, purely because I wanted get rid of all the stone chips. At the same time, I got them to fit clear front reflectors and the front and rear spats and a JDM front Z badge. The clutch was changed 2 years ago by Horsham Developments along with a new Driftworks lighter flywheel and front superpro Anti-roll bar bushes. More recently I had a company out to do an engine carbon emissions clean. All 4 tyres are in good condition with plenty of tread left. The Zed is due go in to a garage on Friday to have an oil change, new K&N oil filter and new Gates micro V alternator and air-con belts. I also have a set of OEM rear drop links that I will get them to fit. BAD BITS; as with all cars of this age, there are a few scuffs on the front alloys. this never bothered me because my intention was to change them for 370Z alloys, I just never got round to it due to my recent arrival. There is a small scuff on the front lip where I scraped the kerb the other week. There are hardly any car park dinks as I had them all taken out when I first bought the car. MOT till may/June 2017 PRICE; £5795 ono car is located in Aylesbury,
  8. MrChow

    gt4 wheels

    some on eBay for sale mate
  9. I think it might be frowned upon after dark, but can't think of any laws that are against it.
  10. Very nice mate, i like the S3's. any fast audi gets a thumbs up. would like the new S4, v6 supercharged already lol.
  11. ahhhhhhh mate, I feel for you :,( where did you trade it in?? would like to go and have a butchers at it and drool over the charger I know what you mean about having to grow up though, with 2 babies I think my time with the zed will be coming to an end soon :,(





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