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  1. Yesterday
  2. Pfft, never stopped me
  3. Great thank you, I will contact them for the size
  4. Ings http://www.superiorracing.com/Exterior-Ings_1_Type_E_Long_Nose_Body_Kit_-_350Z.html
  5. That's beautiful. Wish I could play well enough to justify a real one rather than my Japanese knock-off...
  6. @davey_83 Cheers mate! Loving the way it looks now! I purchased the wheels second hand through JDMDistro and they never came with Centre caps unfortunately. I might purchase a set in the future but £60 ish is a bit excessive for some plastic imo
  7. Ridiculously low for static ride, looks hard as F**K though. What happen to the centre caps?....
  8. i'll convoy with you, coming from Lincoln so let me know where you guys are meeting up....
  9. UpRev remap by Abbey Motorsport.
  10. Cheers, another picture attached
  11. Rear spoiler wanted for 370z roadster.
  12. Chargespeed I think. Any other angles?
  13. Pic heavy post inbound! 6 weeks later and i FINALLY have the prohibition notice lifted and i can once again use the car! Managed to pop out this afternoon and grab a few photos of the car with the new lips fitted. I've also now gone out and bought another push bike so the brackets for the brides have been pushed back another month... I promise they'll get fitted soon (i hope)
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. I will take your advice and sell privately. If and when I do decide to sell i will post a for sale thread on here first.
  15. Hi, Can anyone tell me what front nose/bumper this is? Trying to figure out how much longer it makes the car from standard Cheers
  16. I agree with Alex, spend time and effort to sell privately and you’ll make more. You’ll take an immediate hit trading in A few 350 owners upgrade to 370s so start with a for sale thread here
  17. 1. davey_83 - LUNCH 2. 14N - LUNCH 3. Andy_Muxlow +1 maybe - LUNCH 4. SHEZZA +1 maybe - LUNCH 5. AntelopeSam - LUNCH 6. Justthejedi LUNCH 7. Buster +1 - LUNCH 8. Charlie Boy 9. Jazz + 1 maybe 10. MoNsTaaRz + 1 maybe 11. Mopedmark + 1 - LUNCH 12. robman23 13. Face_Eator 14. bhupz350 + 1 maybe 15. tom Mckay (not on forum) + 1 maybe 16. Monekybrain 17. cob1980  18. StormtrooperZ + 0.5 - LUNCH 19. Silverthorn - LUNCH 20. Whitevanman. 21. Valy - LUNCH 22. Chris Kleiser (banged up 350z black) - LUNCH 23. SmudgerByName 24. Umster (will meet at C&M, maybe lunch and maybe with stock 370z discs/pads to sell ) 25. KG350z - LUNCH
  18. I'm on holiday atm, with the worst internet ever, hopefully this posts, as the page hasn't even loaded! Could someone add me to the list and lunch please
  19. Probably cheaper to just buy an economical run around and keep the Zed as a weekend car.
  20. I personally would sell privately, especially with such a desirable car. Providing you have the time and are prepared to put up with the tyre kickers and low ball offers then that would be my course of action as you only require one serious enquiry with no p/x. You would then be free to shop around and negotiate a discount on your next car for not having a p/x. Hopefully, with getting a premium price for your Nismo and a discount off your next car, I only see this as a win, win.
  21. Stock

    LPG conversion

    Probably work out better and cheaper to do an electric conversion than LPG at this point.
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