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  3. Absolutely gutted to sell this car but it's now time to move on. I'm starting on a new project car. Owned the car for 6 years and it's been my pride and joy the whole time. I'm sure everyone says the same, but no expense has been spared maintaining this car. I bought the car back in october 2011 and there has only been one previous owner. The car has now done 61330 miles and runs like new. It had a full service history when i bought it, however, i've have changed the oil every 6000 miles myself. It's MOT'd till 4th August 2018! The Car is totally mint with no rust and the following modifications: i have changed the clutch to an Xtreme clutch kit and lightened flywheel. Single Mass lightweight flywheel Stage 2 Clutch kit Have also changed the gearbox and diff oil recently, adding molyslip to the gearbox as well. Tyres are in excellent condition 350z ZSpeed Nissan 350z Aluminum Undertray Wazzo plenum spacer Carbon Fiber Bonnet Dampers The car has been mapped and has the uprev licence added. Carbon Fibre Radiator Shroud Cooling Slam Panel Fully adjustable BC coilovers, with corner weighting completed! Rota Grid wheels Eibach Anti-roll bar kit Eibach Rear camber kit Full stainless steel exhaust K&N typhoon air intake STILLEN High Capacity Aluminium Oil Pan STILLEN Nissan 350Z (03-05) Front Splitter- OEM Fascia Tarmac Sportz Side Skirts Whiteline 350z Drop links V1 Style rear wing spoiler Brake Calipers have just been refurbished and painted in red. Uprated braided brake lines and Motul 660 brake fluid New LED Rear lights New Brake disks all round. Alcantara steering wheel with red stitching and center band Android tablet has also been added to the car for Navigation, used a tesco huddle. The car currenly has 350z DE Berk Technology Test Pipesde-cats however i'll priovide the orginal CAT's with the car Pioneer dab head unit. Selling the car for £7200
  4. Facelift headlight mods

    Thanks buddy, yep I'm really pleased with the outcome, and it's in-keeping with my standard-ish look i.e. mods that are not too "loud". I think it'll really transform the front of the Z and bring it a little more up to date too.
  5. Hello from a 370z owner

    Glad you made the trip to the OC over from Detailing World. Great bunch on here with some long serving members with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share on any zed (and non zed) related issues. It's such a great place that many members hang around long after they've moved on from owning a zed.
  6. 350Z two tone seats

    Hi Jay, 07900955004 for the photo's or text me for email address please. Steve
  7. 350Z two tone seats

    Hi Jay, Can I have some photo's of the other seats please. Steve
  8. Nismo style front and rear bumpers no damage, dints or creases etc. some stone chips, front comes with side markers and mesh grill, rear has light units as shown in the photo , the front bumper is 2002 to 2005 not face lift, both bumpers were fitted to the same Z will fit either roadster or coupe. £250 for both ono. Item location South Nottingham not far from J24.
  9. New Member from Wales

    Cheers everyone, just have to find the right one now....
  10. Searching Archive

    Just to add that I was able to search for all posts by member previously but now I have to select the member and then I have to type a word to search for I cant seem to simply search for all posts by member. Cheers
  11. 370z

    Welcome from a newbie. I have a 370z I so nearly went for a 350 but personal preference meant I went for the 370. Very happy with it so far - over 2 months into ownership.
  12. Hi all

    Welcome to the forum
  13. 370z

    Welcome back
  14. Hello from a 370z owner

    Welcome David nice looking Z
  15. I shouldn't have driven this!

    No mate balsall common
  16. Evening guys, Just wondering if it is possible to search for archived posts/threads anymore? When I first got the car and signed up I was able to search the archives for every post the previous owner had written in the past. This was handy to get to know the history of the car and interesting to find out where it had come from and its journey. I remember reading a post about where that particular owner/member purchased a spoiler from. I cannot remember where he sourced it so went to search through all of his posts to try and find out but it seems I can no longer view his legacy posts/threads. I am looking at selling the spoiler and would like to know where he sourced it from so I do not advertise it falsely. If there is anyway to search through the archives that Im missing then I apologise for being a mongtard. If not then is this a feature that is gone for good or is due for a comeback?
  17. All front suspension parts are in stock and good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further. Alex.
  18. Thanks so much @Hayd350 - reply much appreciated! Ally
  19. I shouldn't have driven this!

    Love all 911's Is that Shell Stechford........
  20. TRAXShow@silverstone

    I received my track time tickets via email today so I'm sure our club entry tickets are imminent. lets hope the Indian summer the weather boys keep talking about comes true!
  21. Replacement Windscreen

    Thanks for the reply! Sorry I haven't checked my messages for so long!! I got it done by a local independent company and they were inexpensive and brilliant! Cheers.
  22. Olly's OEM+ inspired GT. New wheels!

    Thanks buddy! More to come yet though, the mind never stops thinking of mods What a view to come home too!
  23. Things I don't understand

    I only drive if I am too drunk to walk.
  24. Hi Mate, Welcome. They'll be sourcing the part from Nissan and the price is mental. Have a word with one of the traders on here, there's a few selling after market arms these days and they're more than up to the job. I've got some installed on mine and I'm definitely not the only one. The banana arms, professionally known as the lower compression arms i believe are notorious for short life, either the bushes or the ball joint. Source the bits from here and get your local garage to fit and you'll find your bill halved i rekon. Hopefully that helps.
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