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  2. On Amazon at the moment for £69.99
  3. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    I also had a horrible metal on metal clang. I had that same bush appear to be working it's way out of the arm. I had my local mechanic remove the arm & press in a new bush I supplied him:
  4. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    Thanks. Will keep you posted. Have a good weekend. Mart.
  5. Breakfast Meet. Sunday 26th November.

    Im still up for it
  6. What's next after a 350z?

    "Reading between the lines in what you have put and the fact that you stated you were interested in the XKR I would think that rather than ask for options you are actually looking for a bigger GT style car for more leisurely driving than anything more raw? " Codel has it right I think. Maybe I'm thinking about a slightly more sedate drive but without losing too many of the Z qualities and performance. Really useful comments from AMT and a good insiight into Jaguar ownership. Must say the thought does appeal. thanks again.
  7. What's next after a 350z?

    Obviously at the end of the day it's down to what you want from a car and what requirements it must have and all the other boring factors like costs etc... However I'm 20, and even though I'm young to own a 350z, I'm still always asking the question of what next and I "think" I've decided on a BMW E46 M3 or a Z4M roadster/coupe (if they stop appreciating or a family member fancies passing one down ) But... I see these cars everyday and have driven them and even though they drive in a different league to my Z, there's no way they receive as much attention, sound as nice or look as sexy Not a very useful reply but fancied sharing my confusion too!
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  9. Gearbox oil change

    Hey, just looking for some help on what I'll need when changing the gearbox oil, i.e what oil type is best, will i need to replace the plug gaskets and where to get them from etc. Any help is appreciated, Cheers.
  10. *** TORQEN *** BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Up to 30% discount!

    Last two days, chaps!
  11. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    Keep us informed on the banana bar please for future reference
  12. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    No worries on the name ... @Zmanalex amongst others is your man for further advice on the subject of bushes ...
  13. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    Hi ATTAK Z Thanks so much for the advice, I'll see how much the garage charges and get both done at the same time. In your opinion is it worth getting some poly bushes and starting the gradual replacement of stock ones....pushing the banana ones out of the new units and gradually doing the control arm and upper wishbone arm. Incidently, my apologies for getting yur name back to front....oops.
  14. What's next after a 350z?

    In reference to the XKR I've driven both XK's and XKR's, 4.2/5.0. Was determined to replace the Z for a while but gave up last year/early this yearish and decided to keep the Z. My nieghbour also has one which I've had the luxury of firing about in a few times. For the money you'd be looking at the 4.2 XK's with decent mileage but there about same performance or slightly slower than the Z. The XKR's for that money would be higher mileage but still worth a punt. Big V8's are reliable, its comfy, steering light (maybe too light) but precise, paddle shift/auto and a lovely noise. They don't rust as such but get bubbling from the aluminium in some areas, early models suffer a 3/4 window panel issue which needs replacing. The only major thing I found with them is battery and electrical issues but it seems to be from leaving it for a while and not driving it, although sometimes even for a few days. I think if you actually used it daily and decent runs the electrical issues would not rear their head as they seem to stem from the battery health. You can tell I did some research, I'd still love one but they are getting long in tooth. Still look amazing though and have presence as they are ..like DB9 size. EDIT: I'm talking about 2006 onwards btw, do not buy one prior to this the old shape... it will rust...to its death usually unless you wanna spend some cash
  15. Overdevelopment / Planning App?

    If the Town Council is like our Parish Council, they comprise individuals who expertise/training n the planning process would be limited...at best. Effectively they have no powers to determine planning applications and only have narrow local interests, as opposed to the wider public interest that forms the basis as to how planning decisions should be taken. So when you say the planning department is putting it "forward to be approved anyway", I would urge you to check the Planning Officer's report/recommendation as that is what carries weight and if anything is found wanting there check out the rules for making representations yourself if it is being dealt with at a public meeting - Planning Committees normally allow that, certainly that has been case in areas where my work was undertaken. Having attended more of these Committee meetings than I would care to recall, my advice would be to discuss the option of asking to address the Committee with the agent who submitted the application for you, particularly if the recommendation is not in your favour. If there are no other objections other than from the Town Council it may be best to stay 'mum' at the meeting, but your agent should know how the Committee in your case takes to applicant's making comments in such situations when the application has officer support. If anyone is seriously daft enough to think that goes on nowadays with things being so much more transparent in the planning decision making process, they are sadly very wrong. Yes, you get some real clowns elected and some very ill-informed opinions expressed but that is the nature of democracy.
  16. Dreaded knocking noise-is banana bush gone?

    It'll be the ball joint that's the problem meaning replacement of the complete arm ... my advice ? bite the bullet and replace the offending side ... and then save up to get the other side done It's notoriously difficult to diagnose the knocking compression rod problem !!!
  17. What pressure washer?? Never had 1 before

    Because it's true, that's why. Karcher still use plastic internals whereas Nilfisk use brass, as a result Karchers tend to be less hard wearing. The basic Nilfisk should come in at that budget (C110, I think it is) but unless there's a deal on it won't come with many accessories for that. On a like-for-like basis I'd chose the Nilfisk everytime, however the Karcher will suffice for light use... albeit for a shorter amount of time than the equivalent Nilfisk would last.
  18. Hiya Having now been struck down with the dreaded knocking noise from the front suspension and thanks to Z Attack who has supplied a picture of a new banana arm I now know what I'm looking for. I had the car checked out today and was told that everything was as tight as a drum and next months MOT was a formality....but didn't know where the knocking was. So I've had the wheels off myself and took a couple of pics of the arm bushes. They look solid but seem to have something around the outside of the bush that looks like its coming out. I don't want to look a complete prat but is this the bush on its way out or do they look normal. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks. Mart.
  19. Rota Grids 19" 9.5 F 10.5 R ET20....What Colour???

    Night blue car you say? White or gold wheels it is then.
  20. Overdevelopment / Planning App?

    There has been vast public outcry at some recent plans for development in my area recently, 7 storey blocks of flats impacting on a lot of peoples outlook and with a very narrow access road, apparently the developer will widen the access road, how i am not sure seeing as there is pavement and then houses, planning passed., basically at the end they will say, sorry we cant widen the road, whats the fine, paid and done! Also currently demolish two landmark hotels with water frontage, one site allow for luxury apartments to be built and sold which will fund the build of the new hotel on the other site. Sad to say that for the council, its probably millions in CIL and then loads of flats with big council tax bills to add to the coffers, you can understand why they do it with all the cuts and government targets to meet, but some of it is just a disgrace and as with the op, no one is accountable or answerable to anyone, yet they are supposed to work for us!
  21. 350z Garage

    Anyone else work out of a tiny ass garage? Think I've got a nice little setup here, it doesn't have any power but i chucked solar panels on the roof and have now recently setup an inverter off the solar panels and batteries in the garage which now means I've got 240v house sockets powerful enough to power a 24litre compressor. Just from the power of the sun
  22. Rota Grids 19" 9.5 F 10.5 R ET20....What Colour???

    Night blue is a classy colour I don’t think matte black wheels would work Silver would go well. Maybe anthracite
  23. Overdevelopment / Planning App?

    @ATTAK Z! Quick, over here! Yeah, not surprised at all. I'd love to know how they come to some of their conclusions, I really would.
  24. Rota Grids 19" 9.5 F 10.5 R ET20....What Colour???

    I'll be sure to take a look when I come to buy them thanks! I'm looking at 19x9.5 and 19x10.5 ET 20 or ET 22 all around. I like the concave on the front and the dish on the rear that you get with the Grids (do love a bit of dish). What ET are yours?
  25. What's next after a 350z?

    I guess it comes down to what excites you. After the Zed I bought an R33 Skyline and that certainly in a straight line is so much more exciting than the 350z and had a lot more theatre around it. The VX220 I got is much much more of a drivers car, made the zed feel like a van when I climbed back into one after a blat in the VX. The Celica I am in now gives me more practicality but an altogether different driving experience with similar power levels going to four wheels instead of two. My mate took me out in his Boxster S and I found that much more fun in terms of handling and having the roof down in a low slung car than the Zed. For me the Zed sounded good, rear wheel drive V6 which was OKish on fuel economy (VX and Celica are better) two seater GT experience. Reading between the lines in what you have put and the fact that you stated you were interested in the XKR I would think that rather than ask for options you are actually looking for a bigger GT style car for more leisurely driving than anything more raw?
  26. Rota Grids 19" 9.5 F 10.5 R ET20....What Colour???

    I got mine from cougarstore with tyres and at the time I'm sure they had polished lip grids but not 100% sure they would now. Mine are 19x9 and 19x10 pretty much a perfect offset for them.
  27. Euro Trip for the first time

    Driving in the continent is no different from here, other than they have really good lane discipline and theres about half as many cars on the road, lovely. I always use the Chunnel (I probably go over every month or so) but I only live 1hr 20 minutes up the road from it, I wouldnt fancy a 6 hour drive to get home afterwards. Drivingwise, France has very few police but if you are caught at speed they will fine heavily and potentially seize car. Ive never seen Police in Belgium, Italy or Slovenia other than at the border so drive as fast as you like, Germany as someone else said hide their cameras but make up for it with Autobahn (incredible how quickly you can cover distance at 150mph ), Austria are buggers for camera and have them on motorways too - I have collected about 8 Austrian tickets in the last couple of years Keep in mind that some countries require Vignettes and the fines are quite high if you dont bother, and download Waze as Navigation, it not only has incredible traffic management but also tells you about speed cameras and traps, its saved me a few times
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