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  3. Was actually getting this myself too recently when it was snowing - super cold weather + no driving. Doesn't seem to cause any issues though
  4. Hey everybody =) Having successfully wired in my gps tracker without initiating skynet, I am now looking to wire in the relay that will allow me to remotely disable the starter motor in the event of b#stards. To do this I need to cut the cables running from the ignition to the starter motor and insert the relay between them (along with power connection and tracker connections). If I'm honest, whilst I was happy to root around behind the dash, I've no idea where the cable I need to cut might be! I have wiring diagrams, but in this case it is not really helping, and I don't know whether I would cut before or after other elements indicated in the diagram... Is anybody able to drop some mad knowledge to assist? ^_^ Diagrams attached...
  5. What are the different types of 350?

    03'/53' - 55' (276) DE - Most of the common faults, less tax, not as good interior 06' - 07' (296) Rev up - Upgraded interior and face lift, some oil issues if not kept on top of 57' - 58' (309) HR - Less of the common faults, 80% new engine, bonnet bulge, higher tax (and by higher I mean the highest.... lol) I'd go for an HR if I were you unless you wanted to keep to a low budget then go for the earlier DE's, as you mentioned avoid rev ups if you can. Tbh if you're looking at a Z, the tax should not be an issue as it'll cost a lot to run anyway (remember put decent tyres on! MPS4 I recommend). Go for an HR GT. The GT gives you leather seats, Bose sound system, cruise control, better looking Rays wheels. Unless its you thing don't get anything with the tan leather seats. Some HR's have the frost white, looks great in the darker colour paint scheme but they will mark lol
  6. New member

    Welcome to the forum...
  7. New member

    Welcome along That wheel colour sets the car off
  8. nearly crashed

    was a rusted through brake line. Back on the road again
  9. You should be able to change this in the trip computer setting. If you have the manual it will show you how to change it. Mike
  10. Koukicuda S14A, 350z handmedowns.

    Dash out Now hopefully These are connectors and I can just unclip them to pull the harness through the wing and then relocate the fuse box under the passenger dash where the airbag should go. Then a bit of a wire tuck for the engine and some cable deleting for the old headlight washers and bits. I am also thinking about deleting the abs as I will be installing a new 350z brake master and booster courtesy of PaulT, I didn't like the way the abs cut in with me on track in the 350z and removal of it will free up space in the bay, weight reduction and let me run a bias valve to set the 350z brembos up correctly with the oem rear brakes.
  11. Yes..........if stuck open will vent oil straight into air intake
  12. Removed from my 2004 350z, in great condition it hides that small gap between the strut bar and the rear window. £25 collection from Bedfordshire £30 posted to mainland U.K.
  13. As above, change PCV valve first as it could be stuck open. Top up to maximum and then keep an eye on it whilst resetting the trip computer etc. If its only the beginning of the oil burning then try a can of Wynns. Treats about 5-6 litres of engine oil and helps to create a better seal, restore compression and reduce blow-by gases. If the oil keeps burning etc get a compression test done. If its outside the tolerances then you have a choice to make. As long as you dont let the oil get too low then youll be fine to keep topping it up and driving whilst monitoring its usage closely until you come to a decision.
  14. Would that cause smoke If it had failed?? It's seems to have suddenly drunk a litter of oil and started smoking within a week/10 days, so its very strange It's never done anything like this before
  15. no not quite I havnt put anything back in yet, I'm going to leave it tommorrow then drain it Saturday to see how much is actually in and then fill and start afresh and check the oil every day or 2 and see just how bad it is, keep a constant eye of when and where it smoke, aswell as check plugs and a compresstion check
  16. If its just happened suddenly I'd fit new pcv valve..........easy, cheap and may fix it! That said DE engines wear their rings out and do start to use oil but that wont be a quick thing
  17. Yea I was just guessing really, I had only just realised the smoke and checked around the engine and was really gutted and confused at was it is, how many 1000s its going to cost, and if i can still drive it. Thinking about it after calming myself abit my claims of 4 liters is a bit silly. Lol
  18. Correct, just over a litre iirc. I really hope you didn’t put 3-4 litres in to take it back to maximum...
  19. Im not sure that the max to min difference on the dipstick is 4 litres?! Its more like 1-1.5 litres. Im sure someone will confirm exactly but thats certainly what mine is.
  20. Twin turbo 350z build.

    Wet weather is fine, it’s the freezing cold they hate.
  21. Anyone reccomend an oil temp gauge??

    I`ve always liked the autometer stuff. Good gauges at sensible money. The Defi`s are great but crazy£££.
  22. malfunction indicator light

    Glad you've sorted it & it's nothing major. My sensor got stuck in the summer, I had to disconnect the battery for 20 mins to reset everything, it's been fine since. As I say, I'm not far from you if you ever need the ECU's scanning if you have a light on.
  23. W92994 Whiteline subframe bushes

    Yer I was got to get them done at the same time as diff bushes but another expense I can't justify at the moment. Good feedback though. They are still available.
  24. Are people avoiding ace cafe type meets?

    Is there not a video of this forum doing an event in Wales with people doing donuts on a mini roundabout
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