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  2. Brummiestormer

    Midlands Drive Out Meet - Sunday 17th June

  3. Flashback

    Brickyard -blade-

    She really is a lovely looking zed, go and give her some exercise!
  4. -blade-

    Brickyard -blade-

    So, a year has gone by and what have i done? lots - but with the Z?? oops.....almost nothing. Painted door handles (subtle but huge impact), changed wrap on lights, MOT, and driven maybe 50 miles? oops Feeling inspired for this week.....................
  5. Ian, we'll have another run out soon! Mega father's day giftget some rest. I'm editing as we speak, should be able to share the YouTube link Tuesday evening.
  6. craigmdennis

    Smoothed front badge recess

    Looks tidy. I wish I'd thought to do this when I had some body work repaired. Instead I opted for black badges.
  7. I did this today but have a mirror with a compass (why not) which needed calibrating. 1. Press and hold the power button until a number is shown. This is the compass zone. 2. Press the power button to increment the number to 9. This is the zone for the UK 3. Press and hold the power button until a C is shown. 4. Now find a safe place and drive in a circle The mirror will automatically show the direction when it's finished calibrating.
  8. Sorry I missed out on this one guys. Having my daughter born at 3am Saturday though is a pretty good excuse
  9. I’ve got the same noise, it’s like a click/creak that comes and goes as I accelerate/decelerate.
  10. I Want An Airbox Mod Kit 1. Nohotz 2. 3.
  11. Foo56

    New wing.. looks like crap!

    Got the motor back and all sorted. Happy with it now - took a lot of work to build up more CF and reshape the underside of spoiler and is actually mounted in the correct spot now! Really happy with it and think it improves the look of the car.. though the body shop accidentally scratched part of the door while it was in their workshop!!! They’re fixing FOC no problems (as to be expected). Pain in the arse but accidents happen and he was very apologetic at least.
  12. What vlog? Got a link? but yeah, use anything you need
  13. Great pictures, co driver and camera girl!!! Ok if I use some for the vlog?
  14. flyboy

    06 rev up air box

  15. coyoteboy

    Invidia Gemini cat back exhaust

    Still for sale? Would you ship it in the UK for that price - I'm a long way away!
  16. Over Two hundred of these kits have sold on this forum alone. Its been going for 6 years and I have never had one back or a single complaint. Fits perfectly first time and does what it says on the tin. I now have these back in stock This is what the kit is 2006 Airbox conversion kit (Velocity Stack) £37.00 + P&P £5.50. (First Class Signed for) Total price £42.50 Made from 1.5mm thick metal (mild steel) and then zinc plated to ensure it never goes rusty. This part will not break up, disintegrate, or ever get any contamination into your engine. The part sits after your air filter on the engine side so this is very important for engine life. This is the ORIGINAL KIT straight from the designer and manufacturer FLYBOY (Martin). Comes with Velocity stack, Silicone, Tie wrap to replace the one you will take off, and a pair of disposable gloves. Comparison Between Post and Pre 06 Air Intakes. Many of you will know that this kit gives the best results as a breathing mod for pre 2006 cars when combined with a quality panel filter. Fitting the kit modifies an early airbox into the 2006 airbox giving a much smoother throttle response, and better breathability, due to less turbulent more aerodynamic airflow to the throttle body. See this thread for DIY fitting http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/49995-how-to-fit-flyboy-2006-airbox-conversion-kit/ This is the original thread http://www.350z-uk.c...conversion-kit/ This was last years group Buy There is plenty about this on the forum search engine and a couple of tuners on here buy the kit to fit to customers cars so it's a proven mod. The shape was designed by Nissan not me Its a duplicate of the 2006 airbox part which was 3D Laser scanned.. Please only post in this thread if you want a kit and want to be on the list You can post in the original thread linked above if you want to tell me how good the kit is, how easy to fit, shipping costs to Mongolia etc etc So lets get the list started I will update this first post giving status of the orders. I Want An Airbox Mod Kit 1. 2. 3.
  17. Planning to be there
  18. Ok folks the hard bit is done I have stock of the velocity stack again and about a dozen kits can be made immediately. I need more silicone to make more but that's the easy bit I'll start a new list for you all to put your names down on. The price will be a couple of pounds more than last time due to increased in postage and from my suppliers I'll put the link to the new list here.
  19. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gtgqNHZCeeXvB559A All pics from today
  20. Ozzy225

    Buddy club seat rails

    I have them with regular size Sparco Sprints and they fit fine
  21. nissanjuke

    Badly Rattling in Clutch area.

    yeah man , worthwhile getting it checked
  22. where did you get the brace done? love engine porn
  23. do you have exhausts for the 350z 2005




  24. Spotted the above 350z at the Hot rods and custom drive-in at Beaulieu motor show. Sorry for the crap picture.
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