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  2. Yeh i do love having the car port, and then the space in front. Like you say it protects it from the weather. I mean like you, in a perfect world having a large double garage would be perfection. But until then this is good haha.
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  4. Nice looking car,had one the same,great car had to get rid due to needing back seats,but still cast lustfull eyes over them,especialy in white,good luck .
  5. Great plate. Have you explained the X is 10
  6. Thanks guys, hope there is someone on here who wants it. Will give it a week or 2, to see if there are any takers. Backup plan is to strip it of main mods and chop it in to WBAC, which would be such a shame, but needs must. New/old car is here already! (I'll take some pics once I've cleaned it up a little). So this needs to go asap, need the space on the drive!ha.
  7. Ah man this is a mint car ! Good luck with whatever you get next mate 👍
  8. I'll have a browse through the website but I feel like it would bring up the price of the item due to customs and vat charges with Brexit. How does the pricing work when being shipped to Ireland?
  9. Ah that's makes sense thank you. The oil is just under the H mark so not overfilled
  10. I Saw this on Instagram! Plates awesome
  11. Mine is basically the same minus the mods. I wouldn't expect to get over 16k at best for mine. So with mods even better deal. Id take off the headlights lol. Glws. Im sure thatll go by this summer! Wish I was looking now 😂
  12. Attend some shows with a huge for sale sign. Thatll definitely go.
  14. Has the car had a past windscreen replacement and it is a protective rubber pad for transporting the screen that has been left on. My concern is that it is keeping the rubber off the screen that will then allow water to pass. I would take it out. It certainly does not look right.
  15. The switch is next to the oil filter so it possibly took a knock. Check the switch and wiring and associated parts for damage
  16. I’ve heard of putting foam/rubber between panels to stop rattling noises but that’s more for the interior not there. Have you tried removing it?
  17. Thank you both. There is just under half a litre left out of 5 litres so oil should be spot on but will check shortly. Just strange it started straight after service unless it was knocked
  18. Problem solved. Drive -R e-mailed me a new ticket
  19. I'd love to join. Won't know til closer the time after the MidlandZ Summer meet. Will check in after that
  20. I doubt very much changing to 5w-40 caused this. I ran 5w-40 in my 350z and now my Nismo for the last 6-7years without any issue. First step, check oil level. If OK then I strongly suspect that its either the guage itself or the oil pressure sensor which is a common failure on these cars. My buddies 350z did exactly this, would go straight to 120psi and stay there. We got a replacement sensor located on the bottom of the pil pan next to the oil filter and swapped it out. Easy job, just be very careful when you tighten it back up. Steel sensor and aluminium block, you over tighten it you will crack your lower block and that's a bad day. My rule was finger tight, 1/4 turn on the ratchet and job was a gooden
  21. What a difference. Will almost make you look forward to tasks involving removing the wheels to see the fruits of your labour!
  22. Welcome to the OC. Gotta love the Zed community. Very helpful bunch
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