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How to - Seat airbag resistor for aftermarket seats


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If you removing OEM seats and replacing them with after market ones with no airbags you will need to fit a resistor to stop air bag lights coming on!

This is how I've done it... but you do it under you own responsibility :)

You'll need to fit 1 resistor for each seat.

You will need:

Resistors (Qty 2) - 2.2ohm (not kOhm as it will be 2200ohm then) 1/4 watt (2.2ohm 0.25watt)

99p delivered for 10



Scotch Lock Wire Connector (Qty 4)

£2.99 for 25 of them delivered



Here's a basic diagram


Feel free to ask me if you need anything Photoshopping :lol:


Airbag connector(yellow) located and plugged under the seat with 2 wires going out of it.

2 ways of dong this:

1. Chop connector off and solder resistor between 2 wires (then you dont need scotch connectors)


2. Solder resistor to 2 bits of wire and splice it into original airbag connector wires as shown on diagram.


I went for the 2nd option, so i still have yellow connector attached.


Right then


What we need:



Solder resistor in-between 2 wires



** Resistors have rings drawn on them - it just to tell what resistor it is (ohm/watt) so it doesnt matter which way you solder it to a wire **

Then i wrapped it all in electrical tape and put a heat shrink on top of it



And then wrapped everything in elec.tape again




Follow same steps to make another one for other seat.

Now we ready to fit it.

  • Disconnect battery and turn lights on/press brake pedal few times to drain any remaining electrical charges in the system (Please note, if you have electrical seat, you might want to move them in different position so it will be easier to remove them out of the car)
  • Unbolt seat (4 bolts in each corner of the rails


  • Lift seat slightly up - to get access to the bottom (don't pull too hard as you don't want to rip/damage wires) and disconnect all plugs and remove seat completely



  • Get the resistor you made earlier and splice into yellow connector wires as shown in diagram above



^^ can use a bit less of wire... :lol:


Jobs done!


I also taped it all together and placed it under the carpet




Repeat for other side!


Just make sure that you don't connect battery/turn ignition on until resistors fitted, otherwise you will get air bag light which will need resetting (search for a guide on here)



Hope i didn't confuse you too much :)

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oh damn...yes, you right :lol: In my case it was fit cage etc and then hoover it, before fitting new seats lol


By the way, credit to Keyser for this guide as well - as he was on other side of tinternet confirming that I'm doing everything right when I was doing my build :):thumbs:

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Does anyone know if it matters which wire go to which side of the plug when reversing this?

If yellow plugs have been cut out completely and you want to put them back on does it matter which way around they go?

Both wires look identical?

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Hi mate,


I am planning to put the yellow plugs back on as they have previously been cut off.

I don't know which yellow wire on the loom goes back to which yellow wire on the seat!


I guess my question is, Are the airbags non-directional!!


The wires are identical, yellow with a dash of black every 10cm. Im guessing they aren't but don't want to blow my air bags getting them the wrong way round!

I want the airbags for the protection, but im thinking of putting a resistor in until some-one in the know tells me about the airbag yellow wires :)

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I'm pretty sure the airbags with be directional. Maybe send Keyser a PM about it? I'd go have a look but 1: The cars not here ATM and 2: i've chopped the plugs off like yours and fitted a resistor.

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Confirmed... Just plugged the yellow wires in one way around and it worked. Disconnected battery and swapped the yellow wires over in the plug. It still works.

I would "guess" that the polarity doesn't matter for these yellow wires and the airbags...


NOTE: Please remember that all I have done it proven that the wires work and the SRS light is supressed either way around. I haven't tested that it deploys or anything like that!

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Soooo, when I removed my standard leathers to fit bucket seats - disconnected battery - my airbag light did not and has not come on at all?

Lights up when ignition is on, but does not stay lit or blink. Not that I mind..


I don't know what is standard and what in optional in the UK, but here in the US the side airbags were optional. Perhaps your standard seats didn't have them fitted.

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Hope not too late for comment. What about the air bags in the steering wheel and passenger compartment. As these are still fitted; for an MOT the tester will need the SRS light to come on and then go off. If there is no light surely this will mean a fail ? Maybe I have missed the point . Does Vlad's splendid fix just mean the light goes back to working normally ?

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VLAD thank you sir!


This worked after I swapped out my seats for some without the side airbag.


The first time around it didn't so out the seats came again and in the bin went the scotch locks. Soldering in the resistors worked for me but maybe the scotch locks I bought were a bit crap!

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im swapping my seats for some nice condition ones and I spotted the previous owner of my car cut the connectors off. Ignoring the questions that raises, am I ok to cut the yellow wires and then reconnect them to the yellows coming out of the loom on the new seats? Does it matter which of the two yellows goes to each yellow on the loom?

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