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  1. saint

    Clutch bearing rattle

    After switching from a 350 to a 370 I was hoping the horrible rattling clutch would be in the past, but the 370 I got does the same. Definitely sounds like the same thrust bearing issue that dogged the 350z. Will upgrading to an aftermarket clutch solve it long term? Excedy are doing the 18MY clutches, I guess that'd fix it as the kit would have a new bearing included, and presumably a better design?
  2. saint

    Two related problems?

    Cheers Alex, I'm going to have a poke around at the weekend. I'm guessing the vacuum hoses are just the ones going into the lower plenum like the 350 had, with a breather below the air intakes too. With any luck I will find it before the engine warms up, goes quiet once its all warm. Definitely sounds like an airborne noise though, nothing like a noisy belt etc. Might end up ordering some hoses
  3. saint

    Two related problems?

    I have a standard 2010 GT, and in the last 2 weeks I've noticed a feint hissing sound coming from the center front of the engine. It happens when the car is cold, and varies with the engine revs (above 2000rpm the engine is too loud to hear it). I had it down as a minor annoyance, and was eventually going to ask about it. However, 3 times this week the car has stalled after ignition. The ignition is quick, no struggle to turn over, but then the revs judder and drop massively causing a stall within about a second of ignition. Are these two things related, what could it be? Engine runs fine once its' started, no lumpiness or loss of power. Edit - I should point out this issue started happening more in the extreme cold. Until now I was just putting it down to the battery being on its way out seeing as they lose efficiency at low temps.
  4. saint

    Seats not working

    Confirmed the guys car is jdm with cloth seats. So they aren't gonna work? Guess he'll learn to do basic research before buying stuff!
  5. saint

    Seats not working

    I sold a pair of heated leather seats out of my UK spec GT and the guy who bought them is kicking off saying they don't work. When I saw his car, it looked JDM with half-cloth seats. Can someone advise whether the GT spec seats will retrofit into a non-GT, or non-UK car? Also, to try and help this dude out - is there a specific fuse in the car for seats? I'm thinking what else might cause them to refuse to play ball in his car and not mine.
  6. saint

    Varis bumper!

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-350Z-Fairlady-Import-Nismo-RWD-/192238566492?hash=item2cc24fbc5c:g:NgUAAOSwnK9ZQWfG Stupid eBay app!
  7. saint

    Varis bumper!

    Saw this car for sale, wonder if the dude knows he's got a varis lip! If the cars import it could be genuine, from the fitment it doesn't look like a clone as the lip sits flush against the fender https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192238566492
  8. saint

    Kuro Black 350Z DE GT

    Bump, still up for grabs. Got a few viewings due though!
  9. saint


    Care to share who you are with Alex? Maybe a PM? I reckon mines unbeatable but it'd be fun to see who says what
  10. saint

    Kuro Black 350Z DE GT

    The time has come to say goodbye to my Zed and look for another project. Here's a bit about the car, which is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire: 77600 miles Mostly complete service history - I missed the last P1 but otherwise it's all there Modified with Amuse style rear bumper, plus front lip and skirts Interior has been colour coded with gold paint, stands out really nicely Head unit replaced for Apple CarPlay, with reversing camera Full miltek exhaust system There's a few jobs that will need doing, accounted for in my asking price: Clutch bearing makes a noise, common issue as many on here will testify Bodywork needs extra detailing to remove deep swirling in paint Fairly large scratch on bonnet Brakes seem to squeal a lot, even with lots of grease. Not had time to look into it. Suspension is a little creaky in the mornings, probably just needs lubrication Front speakers seem a little quiet, think the head unit wiring needs looking at Parking camera is connected and working, but needs mounting to the bumper. Just being honest, but aside from the detailing required the jobs aren't that big and the cars worth way more if I had the time to get them all sorted. I hope someone out there can have as much fun with it as I had! Price: £6500 or near offers. My mobile is 0750****** (PM for contact info). I don't include the number plate, but I'm open to offers separately.
  11. I never really looked at your car, but it's more or less exactly the combination of mods I set out to do when I first got my car. Many things went their way and mines up for sale end of this month, some projects just never make it... but glad I saw what you did otherwise I'd just have to imagine what I was heading towards! oh and ...Do you pretend the 370z fog light is an F1 rain/KERS light? I totally turn it on at the first sign of rain, i'm just a big kid hehe
  12. I'm looking for £120 for my tan alezan seats. They come complete with the mechanisms and motors etc and are out of a GT. The heater works perfectly in both of them, and the motors are pretty decent too. Collection only from Crewe or Rotherham - but can deliver up to 100 miles for cost of fuel. The drivers bolster is heavily worn hence the price, the outer layer of leather has really come right the way off. The passenger seat is in much better condition - no surface damage / wear, just the odd mark that would wash out with some patience.
  13. The seatbelt mechanism and boot lip are both available still. All other parts sold.
  14. Still got this in the garage, think my price is fair. Some guy just tried offering £100 saying thats how much they sell for... morons eh?
  15. Yeah that all rings bells. Sweet! Now to get my miltek up for sale!