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A not-so-quick wash later...


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Seeing as I had some spare time on my hands and the weather has been compliant, I thought I ought to give the Zed a more concerted effort for the first time since I've had it - the previous owner seems to have looked after it well, so it hasn't really needed much more than the occasional wash until now, but seeing as I had some new products to play with I used it as an excuse to try them out. There's no before pictures as it wasn't that dirty to start with really having been washed two weeks before. The only downside is that the sun's run away in time for the photos and rather typically it's set to rain heavily any time now until Wednesday! :dry:


So with no further ado, some pictures;















I may have gone a bit overboard on the pictures. :lol:

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And right on cue;





Quite happy with the beading though. :clap:



Cheers for the comments guys. :thumbs:


Very nice... B)


I forgot to ask, but what products did you use… :)


Valet Pro snow foam and I finished off the remnants of my Megs Hyperwash with the two bucket method to wash - I had been using the Megs as a snow foam, but didn't have enough left so took the opportunity to try something else for comparison as much as anything.

Dodo Juice Supernatural medium clay bar - first time I've used this as well as I've been using the Megs Quick clay previously.

Poorboys Black Hole topped with Dodo Juice Blue Velvet. These were both new to me as well.


For the wheels, I had an Iron X sampler, so gave that a go... good product, but it stinks. :lol: Then used my usual Chemical Guys sticky wheel cleaner too.Tyres are dressed with some Turtle Wax Nano Tyre dressing that I have no idea where it came from, but I've had it a while and seems to last quite well. Exhaust was attacked with Megs Metal Polysh (as were the headlights last weekend).

The engine was still fairly clean so that just got a wipe down and coated in Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care to make it all shiny again.


I think that's it. :lol:

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