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  1. Sorry, should have posted it up earlier! Still for sale, preserve your diff and box and make changes smooth.
  2. As above; no longer needed so grab a bargain compared to retail cost from Nissan All brand new unopened, perfect for a complete gearbox and diff oil change Cost me over £100 + shipping Price: £70 Posted to Mainland UK Box contains: Transmission 2.9lt capacity: 3 ltr Transmission Double Concentrated Moly Slip: 65ml Differential 1.4lt capacity: 2ltr (VLSD)
  3. Hi, This hasn't sold yet but I have someone coming to view it this weekend, and also someone next weekend if it doesn't sell on Saturday It has Electric and Heated Mirrors as stated in the advert above and It has the Bluetooth adapter for Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. It does not have parking sensors. Thanks.
  4. CMR

    ouch :(

    160 mph on that road? Yeah ok.
  5. It sounds to me like the heat shields around your cats have rust on them, not the actual cats themselves
  6. I don't believe there are any 55 reg cars with in the same condition for the same or cheaper price As stated though, I will consider sensible offers as it needs to sell before my S15 arrives.
  7. This needs to sell, will consider offers Anyone interested? or is the market just dead at the minute
  8. As above, my car is for sale. Thought I'd list it on here as well as PistonHeads and AutoTrader. Needs to sell ASAP, Genuine reason for sale being that I have imported an S15 from Japan which is currently on a boat sailing through the Indian Ocean due into Southampton in the middle of December. Had turbo charged cars in the past and decided to go back to them but still keeping it Nissan and RWD whilst having the option of 4 seats. Advert below: 2005 55 Reg Nissan 350Z finished in Azure Blue with desirable GT Pack Cheaper Tax than the later cars Reg No : YD55XUS Just ticked over 60,000 Miles Full Nissan Dealer Service History MOT Jan 2012 TAX July 2012 All Nissan Extras including BOSE Sound System, Cruise Control, Electric and Heated Leather Seats, Electric and Heated Mirrors + more NISMO Exhaust System (£1800 Optional Extra at time of purchase) No Test Drives without Proof of Insurance on other cars A few of the RAYS Wheels have very minor kerbing and could do with a refurb to make the car immaculate. The pictures don't do the car justice, but Azure Blue really needs to be seen not just in pictures. It is fitted with Falken FK452's all round, 6mm tread up front, around 3mm on the rears. Full Nissan Main Dealer Service History as stated above, however It is due a P2 service at 60,606 miles, hence the price of £8100 ONO. No advisories last MOT. Bargain priced to sell. PH Link is http://pistonheads.com/sales/3332955.htm With contact details. Any questions please ask or ring the number on PH's
  9. BOSE only, a different adaptor is needed for the standard unit
  10. Parking really is that easy. It isn't hard to judge the front of the car at all, OK I admit the rear on the 350Z initially takes a bit of getting used to because the rear visibility is poor but there should be no reason you ever scrape the front splitter from misjudgement . Parking sensors and especially cameras are just a novelty there is "no need"
  11. Got a spare brand new one here.
  12. Anyone? Will take offers. These bits need to go, must be someone getting rid of the bose kit!
  13. Bargain price. These will be gone soon (probably by the time this post is approved )
  14. For sale, All the stuff needed to remove the standard BOSE Headunit and fit a Single Din headunit whilst also retaining the Steering Wheel Controls. Pre 2006 350z. I've had this a bit and its never been fitted, needs to go. I can split but would prefer it to go to one buyer to save postage costs. Items: InCarTec Single Din + Tray for 350z Pre 2006 £14 InCarTec Bose Adaptor Cable £26 SOLD InCarTec Steering Wheel Adaptor for Alpine Headunits ICT-29001 £5 All prices inc shipping Any questions please ask. Thanks
  15. As someone said, 30-70 (well 100) is where it really matters, 0-60 is nothing and pretty pointless. Without being a c*nt, I find it really hard to read what you posting AMT. The only way I can read it, is that your frantically typing into your keyboard trying to complete the post as fast as you can as your so excited about getting a Z but upset that your not hearing all the answers you wanted End of the day, go test drive one. If you like it, buy it. Everyone's experiences are different in life, some people prefer different things and have different perceptions.
  16. The tunnel is purely for the gearbox and propshaft to the rear axle, every RWD/4WD car has one to some extent, doesn't make it a sporty car though. The ST will sound similar as it's a 5 pot, not a bad sounding engine with a cat back exhaust either. What people are trying to say, is those guys could of spent under £1k on their ST or VXR on an exhaust system and air filter and pulled away from you. Standard vs Standard they are pretty even in terms of being "Rapid" (in your terms of course ) the Z isn't about full on straight line performance and never was intended to be as standard.
  17. CMR

    My baby Z 2007

    Actually like that colour, it works. I'd say some nice WORK XD9's or similar would look amazing on it.
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