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  1. Been a while Anyway the Z has been laid up all winter, had the wheels off and she was on axle stands for around 2 months whilst cleaning, put new hoops on and the car feels a little unstable, a little floaty on the back end, anybody had similar experiences..? EDIT Tyre pressures set to normal
  2. It was a bad one this year.. only managed 20 laps in the Rain, Snow and near freezing temps
  3. ATC9K waterproof also. No good for snow WB is poor
  4. Burgstube Burgplatz 1, 53520 Nuerburg, Germany
  5. I'm there from the 4th to the 11th Bmw S1000rr and Car
  6. Seen the Bosch Aero ones on e-bay £26 for the fronts , I could mail the traders but if they see my mail they will respond and I won't have to PM loadsa at the same time. Method in me madness, don't want refills Searched and Goggled already
  7. HI and Welcome to the mad house
  8. Have three trips planned this car 1) April Car + Bike Nurburgring 2) July Car Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland 3) Sept Bike as above, malta Austria.. Stelvio Pass, Grossnlockner
  9. I will also B there, defo on the bike and pos car
  10. Mine does this and it's got 20k on... bit like when u switch the a-con on and the idle up relay switches on. Anybody got any idea's..?
  11. Not Worth it for me anyway, been a few times as I get tickets from work.. excellant show, take ur camera and a long lens ;')
  12. Have worked for Nissan for over 23 years now. Had loads of Nissan's, there styling is not to everybody taste however they are good value for money, reliable and seem to go 4ever had 3 Micra's, 2 Almera's, 1 Primera sport+ Estate, 5 Pathfinders, 1 QQ, 1 X-Trail and a 350z . The Juke is just a tad smaller the QQ, so if you need the extra space best get a QQ
  13. Like I said B4 :0 I'm there anyway @ Easter Car Friday taking Bike(S1000rr) and Car
  14. Lol no USd to fly Birds of Prey.... But have a BMWS1000rr
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