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  1. As it happens, 5 years ago today some of us was at Snetterton for the Nissan anniversary, Mod Live? Well if it rings a bell...
  2. Is the Dodo juice brand still as hyped as what it was? I still have some pots of this from when i had the old Z and it was the craze back then, whats your thoughts on this or maybe even a new better product? Some examples of my experience with Dodo Purple Haze 350Z: VXR:
  3. That it does! No SatNav either. 30k'ish miles would suit me.
  4. Well here is one i had a look at on Sunday, unfortunately it was at 60k miles. Far too high for what i need. But I'm on the search for a white one preferably so the search continues!
  5. Nice car and nice photo's! I've never been able to take a photo as good as this!
  6. Don't worry Jason, i won't tell them you aren't from Norwich
  7. Good find! this was always a problem on my old 350!
  8. Thanks all, its nice to see some of the old names on here still. I will update you when I have more progress to my purchase.
  9. Looking for a....

  10. Progress is looking great pal..! Looking forward to the finished state, if it ever gets there.. as modding is forever ending
  11. Ex 350 owner here and having a plan to making a comeback as i truly miss the sex appeal The rest of the information.... well... Its a secret for now. Regards, Luke
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