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  1. Thanks guys I do my best always. The cost is not too great on a 350/370z. Nice sized cars, paint hardness is in your favour (thickness however isnt!) and a lt can be achieved. Wax possibly would be something on these cars I'd not actually recommend after a correction. The modern ceramic coatings (Bodyboarders car had wax the 1st time and a ceramic the 2nd and I'm sure he'd be able to say which looked better and was easier to maintain) The modern ceramic coatings might cost a little more to apply after but you wont need to top up etc after, just wash them and dry. If you want to get in touch please send us an email. I'm having to ignore the phone right now due to the sheer amount of machine polishing I'm doing. Best wishes and thanks to all for the kind words. Tim ps good rail links between here and Bournemouth to drop the car off etc ;-)
  2. Ah that's what I was worried about. Thanks for confirming this, albeit bad news I had a look at their website, and I might have a chat with him, thank you for the recommendation They say on their website not to use a detergent based wash, as it will undo all their work ( big concern for me ) I use Megs Ultimate Wash, I'm assuming as I cannot find any information on this, that the Megs will be fine to use? Indeed that's a shampoo that would be totally fine. By detergent free shampoos we mean ones that don't have surfactants, ionic and non ionic surfactants in them If it has a hazard triangle on the back as well! AutoGlym shampoo funnily enough contains detergent, strips off your wax and hey presto you go back to Halfords and buy more SRP and Extra Gloss protection and AG are happy ;-)
  3. Good morning all. Today we have a special offer for you. Its a 1 day special so do be quick as this time tomorrow its over! The deal is buy a 5L container of our very popular#BubblyJubblysnowfoam and get a 1L bottle of our shampoo completely free. Shampoo value if purchased seperately £9.99http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=387 The snow foam is pH neutral, foams up nice and thickly and if you follow our detailing work, its all we use. Please share this post and remember it is LIMITED until tomorrow morning when all orders will be packed and the courier booked so BE QUICK! Here is the link for the Bubbly Jubbly http://www.envyvaleting.co.uk/products_info.asp?id=188 Best wishes Tim
  4. Outside for a check after Filler Killer wipe downs etc Time to apply the Nanolex protection. Nanolex Paint and Alloy Professional :thumb: From the floor...(tyres not done yet!) Start on the interior Dr Leather wipes, wiping. Tyres now dressed. Tailpipes polished, glass cleaned. Time for the after pics in the sun. A final reminder BEFORE: AFTER: Thanks for looking Tim
  5. Once the Bubbly Jubbly was rinsed, and BEFORE the hand wash it was time for a liberal application of Iron Awe to the bodywork too. Wheels cleaned thoroughly Hand washed with TBM, Envy shampoo and the Z sponge. Much better I think you'll agree. A problem on the rear arch for the customer to get touched in, a photographic memory jogger! Artdeshine clay cloth time. Getting ready for WAR! 2-3 passes with S3 Gold and we are on the right track I correct and refine 1 panel at a time. Nothing more disheartening than making your way round a car, then having to start again to refine. The fecking flex flex doing what it does best!
  6. 4 years ago I did this Clio Skip forward to the present day and she needs a whole lotta love! I had to ask if she had been used as a stage rally car, muck forestry, 4X4 etc... Green with Envy? Based on how she was, I sprayed the whole vehicle with weak TFR to get the dirt loosened and then covered the wheels with Iron Awe and left to soak. Pre-soaked with Citrus cleaner via the foam lance, anti-bacterial agents should help slow the return of the green bits. Rinsed and then the old faithful Bubbly Jubbly
  7. Sounds like you used too much wax when you did it. Try a wipe down with a fluffier MF cloth 1st, or you may have to wash it again and re-buff after to try to reduce the coating a smidge. Failing that, wash with APC, strip the lot off and re-apply thinner.
  8. Sounds like transport wax. The garage would normally steam this off. Any other method will take you a very long time. I'd really ask them to do it for you on this occasion as they will be faster and better at it.
  9. Personally I'd be avoiding the machine polish and the wax! They really shouldnt apply any wax etc for 6-8 weeks to allow the paint to cure naturally. When paint cures it outgasses and this can cause "blooms" under any waxes etc. Car paint when applied in the factory is cured in an oven at far higher temps than a body shop can replicate, mainly due to having an interior and stuff that would melt so needs time to harden fully.
  10. The polisher, doesnt tell you how heavy it is. Mine cost a shed load more than that but its a known brand and I rely on it. Of the pads, the bottom 3 (waffle ones) will prob be the only ones you use! Speeds wise, mine has lower start speed and goes to approx 2200rpm. It might be ok, but generally I have found buy cheap, buy many times! Could be good to see how you get on, then maybe upgrade?
  11. We have something new from my friend Marc at Krystal Kleen Detail called Mist X. Been trialling it for a while for him. Its pink, smells like a lovely strawberry milkshake and leaves a most amazing slick finish. Personally I think its over engineered, and more like a spray sealant than a QD as it lasts a long time. Will be in the shop this week, just need to take pictures!
  12. Haydn I'll have a look later and do you a deal on the APC as we also do a 1L size and maybe you could split it with the parents etc as I use it to clean round the house too, not just the cars!? Under the desk, tut tut!
  13. Hi all Been a bit quiet in this section so we have a special offer for you on 3 staple/essential products for every wash you possibly do! Some of you may have already used the shampoo from the specials we have done before, but we feel its pretty special and really is at a great price for when you get hooked and want 5L without a silly price tag. A special offer whilst stocks last saving you £4.44 in total on these 3 staple detailing products. Shampoo, APC (all purpose cleaner that dilutes up to 80:1) and Evolution acid free wheel cleaner which dilutes up to 20:1 (though I generally use it at 10:1) giving 5L of working strength product. So £20 only for these 3 products with UK delivery included. Please express interest in this thread and message me and I'll reply with payment details. It goes without saying, all items are in stock and will be posted either same day or the very next morning depending on when we hear from you! Best wishes Tim





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