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MOT due - Dash lights


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I have a MOT due and having some issues with dash lights, I have the flashing airbag light, I tried the 4 ignition on and off trick but the flashing still remains.  the instructions for ignition on and off says turn ignition on wait for the light to go off but it doesn't actually go off just starts flashing, I still did it 4 times.  I have nothing under my seats, the passenger seat has one missing, the small white one, is that normal? see pictures


Also I randomly get the 3 orange lights coming on (see picture) might not do it for ages then will just come on while driving, they come on and stay on until I turn off and back on then they go.


Will the lights fail a MOT?






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Airbag warning light and ABS warning lights will both immediately fail an MOT. 


I suspect the ESP and traction control lights are on due to a fault with the ABS system as its all interlinked. If I was a betting man, I'd wager you have a failed ABS sensor. 


I'd highly recommend you get the vehicle scanned or you purchase one of the Bluetooth OBD scanners to give you an idea of where to start. Out of interest, what tyres are you running? If the wheel sizes are massively different from OEM that could be what's fooling the system into think there is a fault with the ABS

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Get somewhere to diag scan it so you know where the issue roughly is then go from there, could a simple fix like a WSS gone down but check first,


You could just do the srs reset before the mot then address the issue later if you want to save money and store it, the diag san should do a full system sweep so you’ll get rough answers then. 

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On 06/08/2022 at 20:20, ZMANALEX said:

If the airbag light comes back on then fix the fault or fit a resistor to  put the light out.


First step would be to top up your brake fluid to perhaps put the  orange lights out.

thanks, a resistor is a good shout if the light comes back.


I recently checked the brake fluid as I changed the pads and its at a good level. 

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