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Wheel dented - repairable ?


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Had a slight mishap yesterday, hit a large square edged flag stone at about 30mph, dented the wheel and seems like a few metal shards from the wheel slashed the sidewall, had to get a mobile tyre repair firm out, they only had a budget tyre (aptany) in stock, it sealed on the wheel ok and get me home and it's still up this morning, would the wheel be easily repairable or am i looking at a new one 😮


Drove fine on the 40 mile journey home, no steering wheel vibration, Will get the tracking and steering checked tomorrow :thumbs:





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Easily repaired by a wheel specialist providing the "flat" comes out.


Wheels and tyres are in stock if required.


I have full sets and singles available.





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^^ they are V1 alloys, mine are V2.


Been to a few places locally, none would touch it or would have to sent it away and then they couldn't be 100% it would be fixed.


So Guys, any one got a decent alloy wheel for sale :shrug:

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