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DoogyRev - 2021 Mustang Mach 1


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Went for a little drive last night, unfortunately my SD Card in my dash cam is not playing nice, so this was the only clip I got, Ordered a new one so hopefully a longer video of the Canyon run will be along soon. Sound Up!



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Had all my suspension parts fitted along with sway bars and some IRS braces and chassis alignment bits. She is now 3/4 in lower all round. Now its lowered I had the 325/30/R19 & 285/35/R19 MPS4S fitted that have been in my garage for a year 😂


The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice I fitted the gurney flap, front splitter and a tow hook. Time for some track days!!











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1 minute ago, Stutopia said:

Car looks perfect mate, great job.


Thanks Stu, pretty happy with how it looks and how it goes round corners now, not that it was bad before, its noticeably flatter and tighter in the twistys. 


Next up is a new steering wheel .... prob something from these folks ..... https://beithperformanceparts.com


And then I think I will be done for a while 😂

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4 hours ago, ATTAK Z said:

Check this out Doogy :)


Your next car ?

$300+ USD is a bit rich for me 😂


looks and sounds good though 😎






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