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4th "Zed" lucky

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Not really new but good to be back in the Z fold. Ive had a silver 350Z 2003 when I first joined in 2016, I then got a 370Z Nismo and sold it in 2018.


The car first caught my attention on Gran Turismo 18 years ago I think. I even found a comment from 2009 from my uni days on youtube about the Z on GT4. Hence the name. I got sick of 4 bangers and thought why not brave something with a bit more grunt and character.


Had to sell my 2nd nismo this year. I said id treat myself at the end of the year. Picked up a GT Edition Auto 2012 on Saturday from Sheffield 2.5 hours drive back. Great condition in and out. I thought I try the auto and give my left leg a well earned rest.


Its good to be back. Look forward to attending a meet or two next year. Well the local ones bedford down to brighton and in-between Ace Cafe. We will see.


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