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Black Friday Deals 2021

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Not noticed one up so might be worth collecting a list of finds


Halfords doing the 175pc Advanced ratchet/socket/spanner set £150 - Usually £255, The 200pc for £231 - Usually £330

5 pc Lifting kit 2 tonne £59.50 - Usually £85


Loads of others, but those are the picks


Auto Finesse doing buy one get one free on a selection of 1L and 5L pre wash, decontamination and protection. Some huge complete bundles (circa £200 to £400)


Please feel free to add any bargains that pop up 

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TORQEN Black Friday discount list:


Greddy/Trust - 5% off

Tomei - 10% off

OS Giken - 5% off

SPL - 10% off

Fly1 Motorsports - 10% off

Chargespeed - 5% off

Street Aero - 20% off

BRAUM - 10% off

JWT - 10% off

Link ECU - 5% off

Armytrix - 10% off

Arma Speed - 10% off

EVO-R - 5% off

Vortech - 10% off 


Also have 15% off 350z TORQEN DE Helmz pipes, 350z and 370z TORQEN timing chain kits. 


More to be added along the week, some exclusive discounts on instagram story, newsletter etc. 


Oh and if anyone had something in mind not listed above, do feel free to get in touch and we'll see what we can do ;)

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Not car related but a good deal nontheless... I've just bagged one of those fashionable Ooni Koda gas pizza ovens tonight - they've got a 20% discount on their site.  I've been eyeing these up all year and this is a great deal... 😀 

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