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90s JDM appreciation thread

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Was discussing Japanese performance cars of the 90s with TT350 last night.

So I thought we should have a 90s revival thread again.

Post up a pic of your favourite 90s car.


After long deliberation, here's mine.

An early NSX, no lairy kits or 22" rims, just tints, a drop and timeless wheels


Max black with gold wheels



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A topic near and dear to my heart, the best 90s Japanese cars.  After reading a lot about them all, I decided on my personal favourite, and bought it seven years ago:



I decided I'd prefer a simple, classic rwd sports car rather than a 4wd; a car that starts from uncompromised weight distribution and suspension layout to achieve speed, rather than compromising the basics and then compensating with reactive technology.  I'd actually rate the NSX as my personal #2, but the RX-7 is objectively smaller and lighter, quicker with Stage 1 tuning, and subjectively prettier, plus I guess FR 50/50 weight balance is probably slightly more forgiving.



I can confirm that the FD3S is excellent to drive; the handling balance is beautiful, resisting understeer and settling into a mild drift if you are over-ambitious with your entry speed, like the sixties sports-racers whose lines it draws inspiration from.  It's quick; in the dry it squats and goes, the sequential turbos giving a great one-two punch for blasting past 45mph dodderers.  Twice I encountered 996 GT3s on trackdays, and both times there was nothing in it in a straight line between the Porsche and my mildly tuned RX-7.  The car readily shrinks around you, becoming an extension of your body that you can control intuitively.  It's not perfect, and it moves around quite a lot on its suspension, but it's pretty quick and great fun.

Basically a dream to drive, shame about the level of maintenance needed and the difficulties getting parts to fix it properly.  Hence bailing out and getting the Z now :-)


Having said that, I have a lot of time for the NSX, the Z32 in SWB TT form, the Supra A80, the BNR32, SW20, .... .  In an ideal world I'd have a big garage and about ten of the best 90s Japanese cars in it.

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Was just talking about this last night, probably the hay day for jap sports cars. Too hard to choose one but the 3 above were on my list. For me they need to be heavily modified (nfs underground generation)


But apart from the heavyweights the others were also great. From stuff like integras and mr2s to run of the mill cars with coupe bodies. Still like the civic coupes and celicas 








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As someone who is obssessed by 90s JDM cars, I approve of this thread :)


Some of my 90s JDM cars












Still so many 90s JDM cars on my bucket list to own.

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Not long after having my license and going to TOTB events, at that time Rocket Ronnie in his R33 GTR was cleaning up and from then this car was my favourite 90's JDM motor. For the time it was mind melting numbers as for this competition, you'd entry one car for the handling, drag and top speed events so had to be a strong all-rounder. 




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