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Fitting brake lines


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I'm happy and handy enough with tools to do things on my car however brake lines is a step too far. 


Is there anywhere in the Midlands that forum members can recommend who'd be happy to fit my braided brake lines and replace the brake fluid? 


Places that I'd be happy to take my Z for a service are charging a little more than I'm happy with (circa £300 even though the underside has little rust/no rust near the brakes) and my cheap as chips garage isn't the best place to leave my Z. 


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Unfortunately the guys at Cougarstore can't do it atm (one of the guys is off sick) and Tarmac won't give me a figure till I've driven the car to them (won't entertain a quote till then). 


Times like this I wish went for an M2 or VW Golf - no end in sight for mechanics willing to work on them (not that they need much work doing to prep for track) 

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