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PM if 'for sale' thread rejected ?

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I posted up a thread with bits and pieces for sale, and noticed it doesn't exist now.

I didn't get a PM stating that I've missed something out or need to amend the ad. So now I don't know what was wrong, just seems a bit weird without any hints as to what was specifically missing?



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From experience it will be along the lines that mods are approving disproving these on their mobiles wedged between work and life commitments. To then have time to follow up with a description/discussion is sometimes not feasible, you will be surprised with how many issues around for sale ads have to be dealt with each week on top of all the other administration work they have to do that goes largely unseen by the community.


This isn't aimed at you specifically Rob, the rules are very black and white, when creating an advert make sure you tick all the boxes on your before submitting and it will go through. If you feel it did, then PM a few mods with your advert, demonstrate it ticks all the boxes and I am sure one will try get back to you.

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Hey coldel, I understand on all counts but I can't work out what I did wrong, so in this case it seems odd.

And since 2012, I've sold a few bits and pieces here.


The images had the user name/date (albeit the date was from a few weeks ago), and only couple didn't have that but clearly the same item for sale taken at the same time (and could be removed if required).

I have to re-write it again, as I can't spot it in my list.


I just feel/thought that if I had left something out, surely it could be posted up with a mod note saying, please amend such and such within X time.

I've seen that several times I'm sure on some adverts.

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When I’ve forgotten to add something into a for sale thread I’ve been sent messages asking me to edit. As col says it’s probably just been missed with other things going on for admin


pm @SuperStu he will probably locate it without you having to retype it

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