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Euro Road Trip August 2018

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So, from the top. Last year I developed a nasty form of arthritis which meant I couldn't drive, walk etc. fortunately some medication sorted it out I was very lucky. My wife said to me, what about that European Road trip you always spoke about doing, why keep putting it off, you can never take for granted a healthy future. So on that rather somber note, albeit with full endorsement from the other half, I started dreaming up what it might look like. Usually on a road trip you hop from one place to the next so I thought I might do it differently...


The plan turned into this:


  • Drive to France and stop in Strasbourg
  • Drive through Switzerland and into Italy and stay for four nights in Cernobbio at Lake Como
  • Drive back up to Metz for a night
  • Then drive back to blighty


So the idea was that we didnt have to pack up and check in and out each day but have a base camp we would venture out from. The location was a nice spot as Monza, Modena, the Swiss Alps and Stelvio were all within reasonable distance to pop out in the cars for the day and get back. So with that in mind I set about finding some recruits.


The dream team ended up lining up as my friend Martin (Boxster), @SuperStu (BRZ), @Spatt & Damian (C63 AMG) and @Paddy78 (911) along with myself in the old Celica.


We did as much prep as possible, planning routes, getting paperwork in order from the Swiss vignette to the French toll tags. We all met in Canterbury for a bonding session the night before the ferry and possibly had a beer too many which led to some weary heads the next morning on the ferry!


Once in Strasbourg we were lucky enough to stumble across and see an amazing light show over the river by pure chance which blew us all away.


Then on to Cernobbio via the stunning Gotthards Pass where we found the villa had just enough space for five cars outside, the area itself is stunning and lake views out of this world. It became the perfect haven for us each night after a long day out in the cars. I wont go into too much depth about the next 5 days but the highlights were certainly:


  • Monza F1 Circuit where we got a tour which included seeing the press rooms, sitting in the drivers press chairs (which you will see the top three sitting in a couple of weeks!), going on to the podium, seeing all the race control rooms as well as a visit to Bernie Ecclestones 'special room' he had built there...
  • A drive out over the San Bernardino Pass, through Davos, Stelvio Pass and back to the villa - again stunning views and driving 
  • Heading down to Modena and Maranello to see the Ferrari and Lamborghini museums - the absolute highlight though was visiting Pagani and talking our way (with best puppy dog eyes with the receptionist) into the factory tour to see these wondrous machines being made
  • Drove back up to Metz, the guys went via Interlaken whilst I took the motorway due to a top mount that failed on my car - Metz was, erm an experience as we found the hotel car park less secure than it appeared with random scooters buzzing through it so we parked our cars up by the hotel front door instead of the car park :lol:
  • On the way to Calais we stopped by in Reims to sample the Pommery Champagne Caves - we all spent a bit too much money there to be honest!


Overall it was a great trip, lots of nice unexpected things discovered along the way and we all had a great laugh over the radios. I will drop some photos below for your enjoyment of course as otherwise  :worthless: and I am sure some of the other guys will chip in (Matt, chip in, maybe a pizza photo?) with their own.


Strasbourg Petit France



The Villa Cernobbio




Monza F1 Circuit




Drive through the Alps





Museum visits



Also finding a disused circuit in Reims before we went on the champagne tour!



We discovered so many different locations and routes over the week, if you are planning your first road trip out this way please do shout as I can offer some informed advice!




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Superb trip Col, thanks for the invite and for turning it into reality. Great write up :thumbs: 


I’ll stick some pics up later. 

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Great write up and pics :D


We did a Euro trip a good few summers back, similar route in reverse. Reims, Monaco, Italy, Stelvio, Germany etc.

I really enjoyed the Ferrari tour and museum, also had a cheeky drive in a 458.....as they say, when in Rome Maranello :lol: 

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Looks like a good trip 

We have been going for the last 4/5 years 

I want to go down and do the Pyrenees next year 

It's so refreshing to go out and see no traffic 

We try And avoid any main road 

Routes like the plague send always have fun

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Couple of snaps from the trip.


Fangio chilling at Monza.








Bernie's internet banking login at Monza in the Ecclestone suite.




The historic banked curve. Insanely steep.




Running repairs ahead of the GP.






Pagani Porn









Looking up at Stelvio, the glacier in the top right is where the road reaches up to - eventually!






Hanging out at Lambo






£13 grand for a suitcase in CF :scare: IMG_2456.jpg


Yet another day driving passed - yawn!


Check out this drop top beetle.




Very much enjoyed some passenger time in the 911 - this is the first time something's really come up as a rival to my Mustand plan. Decision decisions.





Ferrari - decent, but no Pagani.






Medical before the simulator session. Just a few questions and a quick cough.





Some BRZ Love.










Flat earth experiment completing disproving the globe theory.





Chilling for lunch on our 14 hour alpine route day - exhausting.









The world's happiest toilet.




The man with the plan. Thanks Col :thumbs: 






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