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Suggestion for a new car after 350Z?

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I bought my 350Z from a forum member and used it for a few months before moving to USA for a career change.


My requirements

  • Only weekend driving
  • Roads here are terrible with huge potholes
  • Need to fit two person and 2 dogs
  • Not spending more than $20-25k


What I've been eyeing on.

370Z- Too ugly compared to 350Z

GTR- Will get that when I settle down on the West Coast and that doesn't fit in the budget

Toyota GT86- I like the look of it but users are saying it is underpowered and not so great handling

Subaru BRZ- Apparently it is the same car as the gt86. But I like the colour/design more though.


Any other suggestions that I should look into?

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15 minutes ago, Ekona said:




28 minutes ago, davey_83 said:

Easy Porsche Cayman 

Not really a fan of Porsche, tho I've never driven one. I don't think you can get one that is under $20k USD too.

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I'm out then, I have zero idea of values of cars in the US at all.


But Corvette is the answer.

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