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Out of the game for a while, whats the deal with new roadsters?


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So,  Ive been away from the fold for quite some time, and Im well out of touch with the Z scene.


Ive recently sold my "toy" car, and as per usual it doesnt take long before I've got the bug to get another one, even though I said I'd give it a couple of years.  The usual wrestling between heart and head over the sort of cars I wanted to replace the toy with began, and then we got the bank holiday heatwave.   The posts on facebook from the club at Japefest looked great and the Mrs and I both recalled the fun times with the club several years ago.  Even spotted my old car on the pics.


So, fast forward and we both thought that we could justify a 370z roadster.  In no way was the alcohol on the most sunny bank holiday for decades influencing this decision.

When we saw that they have recently announced the new 370z in an almost candy apple "infra" red colour that looks very similar to the wifes twingo that she loves, that more or less sealed the deal.


Then I popped into our local Nissan garage.  No 370z in sight, and I was told that they are only sold from specifc outlets.  I knew this used to be the case for the GTR - I guess it still is, but is this now the case for the Z too?  I was told the nearest one from their franchise was in Scotland, but one from another franchise may be located in Leeds - Im in Chesterfield.


Am I really into having to travel to a special dealer to buy a 370?


Also, when trying to price one up or specify one online, I cant find any price list which includes the roaster, nor does it appear on the configurator?  Do Nissan still sell the roadster in the UK?

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1 hour ago, SHEZZA said:

Sorry to say but the 370z roadster is not available in the uk, 2nd hand is or only option and mod it. ;)

If you want a roadster then do what Shezza said, you know it makes sense. 


We all come back to zed life eventually ;)

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Thats Nissan for you. Dropped as far back as 2011. Never bothered with Automatic Nismo version either. Nissan's self pity is quite sad really. Their sales are extremely poor. And the remaining enthusiasts are left with shoddy customer service and poor buying experience. I dont even know why people bother. Shame Honda dont make anything that looks as good as the Z as they are just a better allround company than Nissan......


Better off getting a used one and making sure all the issues - Steering lock etc have been addressed. Good Luck! Then stick with indy dealers for any repairs that might be needed.

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