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New TV on the cards - suggestions welcome

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On 03/03/2018 at 16:49, Ekona said:

There is no such thing as a TV too big for the room. Ever.

My house is about 300 years old, so ceilings are at best 7 ft, and closer to 6ft where theres a beam, and there are quite a few. 

One wall in front room is nearly entirely taken up by a window, another by a large inglenook fireplace, another has exposed beams running every 550mm. 2 corners have the fireplace behind them and one has the door opening into it. 

I guess we could mount it on the ceiling and lie on our back to watch TV but that would probably get uncomfortable after a while.   

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43 minutes ago, Ekona said:

Nah, man-math either an extension, a separate build, or just a new house to accommodate the tellybox :lol: 

Extension has been in "planning" for just over 2 years now:headhurt:, see 300 year old comment.

And anyway, me lounge is still me lounge regardless of TV capacity :p  

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What always amazes me is when you get a bigger new telly and you think "wow, this is huge, i cant ever see us needing a bigger one", then 12 months later you are sat there thinking maybe you should have got a bigger one. :lol:


I went from 32inch to a 42inch plasma, then a 50inch plasma. Wifes now mentioned she wouldnt say no if I got a bigger one.  The room is massive so it can take it, so I may well be looking at 65inch next.


Ideal for her to watch Eastenders on, whilst I watch my shows on a 13inch laptop screen. :(

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