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Bespoked removable showplate


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Right guys so ive been speaking to the company bespoked 


they will do us a group buy and if you like pullig you plate on and off this is perfect even for a picture every now and then


if we get 5 orders in we get £5 off so instead of £25 they are £20


you then need to order your numberplate following the link which is seperate 




I think its a great solution and leaves no marks on the bumpers



Once we have 5 orders i will need you to paypal me and then i will forward to the company who will do them asap


whos in? 









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I don't understand. It says they don't provide the plate you got to get it off dvla. Legislation etc? Are you just buying a sticker for the back of your plate? And if so how is the dvla plate (of plastic or metal construction) gonna contour to the bodylines etc? How does it work!? :fool:

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You're buying a piece of adhesive. That's all.


You have to source your own physical numberplate, so you could buy a flexible one (as shown on their website), or you use your regular one that's on your car now. Obviously a flexible one will contour as shown, a solid one will not. Basically the way to do it would be to either buy another physical plate with whatever you wanted on it then stick that over your existing one, or buy a flexible one and stick that wherever you want to remove at show time.

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5 hours ago, docwra said:

Best solution Ive seen for this (credit to me mate Jord) is a GoPro mount stuck to the front bumper, OK, the mount is still there when you remove the plate but it seems to work well :)


EDIT: Here we go, about 2/3 of the way down this page: http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/04/project-2000-no-didnt-forget/

That is a good idea!


i think this plate idea works for me as my nismo bumper curves alot at the minute its sitting on my seat 

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I won't run one at all really, its just to put on when im driving to a show as more police may be keeping an eye out


and if they are looking to pull someone hopefully it will be the guy with no plate than a illegal one stuck on :lol:

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