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DB Nissan 350z GT 05'


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10 hours ago, Lewis Schwier said:

Best sounding 350z set up imo!


Cheers pal, yeah it sounds like nothing else so so pleased with the noise. Sadly she's at bit poorly causing smokey tips, the dreaded spark plug gasket gone - new valve covers please.




Tarmacsportz Black Friday sale 😃










Surfaces all cleaned up








Hopefully no more oily tips 👍



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Whilst waiting for my new VVT solenoid gaskets to arrive, thought I'd drain the oil catch can ahead of the Spring service. Rather that lot collected here, than sucked through the intake as a warm mist.



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Minor update - seems just about everything takes an age to arrive from overseas. The side that wasn't leaking was found to be in worse condition and instead of previously being replaced, was sealed up.


Passenger side 




Drivers side 










Whilst off thought I'd clean and polish my carbon engine cover.





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On 16/10/2016 at 15:06, davey_83 said:

Plenum spacer by Wasso


Was like a kid at Xmas, awesome bit of kit and very very well made.


Used the Motordyne guide which helped especially with the reassembly torque setting and sequence.


Difficulty level 2/5







Strut brace and engine cover off and quick orientation.






Very clean underneath for 75k I thought too.




Torqued down in order an in stages, using the underside of the brake reservoir cover I placed the bolts down to represent the location of the bolt in situ. This provided a quick reference for fitting the new bolts as I know which length bolts went where at a glance.








Run up to a car meet up Nottingham with a couple mates.





Who said the VQ35 is bad on juice.....





Next came my B&M shift knob out of my last car, works well with the Z33.





I prefer home bargains to b&m😏😂😂

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Car ever so slightly pulls to the left with steering wheel off centre to the right, so this morning planned to take it down to my local Kwik Fit for wheel alignment. Before doing so thought it prudent to fine tune the ride height and check tyre pressures. Measurements from the bottom of the alloy to top of the arch were in cm NSF 59.5, OSF 59.6, NSR 60.1 & OSR 60.4  Figured one turn needed on the passenger rear to level out the back, which should also dip the drivers side front also ever so slightly.


Very close fit when jacking up from the rear.




Opportunity to check as it's been a couple of winters since fitting the suspension, still very clean and tidy with no moisture build up at all. Releasing the tension on the lock ring and it turns by hand. 






Wipe down of the exhaust also while it was up.




Headed out this morning to be one of the first in the queue and surprisingly the car tracks true. Steering wheel straight ahead and on a flat surface actually hard to find, no pulling - result!! 


As it was off 



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Your slight ride height adjustment may well have sorted the tracking naturally. which seems the case. Having setup my car (ride height/camber/toe etc) too many times to mention over last 5 years its always surprising how just small adjustments effect the handling. I remember when mine was pulling slightly to the right, when we looked at the setup one side at the front was about 0.25 degree more camber than the other 3.0 to 2.75 just evening them out instantly got rid of the pulling. Obviously when a car is polybushed/stiffened/lowered on sticky tyres everything is magnified as well. so your lowering one corner will have increased the camber slightly and in turn changed the toe slightly resulting in countering whatever was causing the slight pulling. Result

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Yeah definitely. I remember old Almera GTi whereby the front hub assembly had two nut and bolts one on top of the other which held the MacPherson strut. The top mount for it had elongated holes and you could easily add camber to one side in error. You would have to pull the hub outwards and nip the nut up to get a neutral position. Ever since then I knew slight changes in camber can affect steering alignment. 


On the rear of the Z I raised the passenger side a touch which would have reduced the camber. All part of the fun with adjustable suspension.

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Thought I'd give CarChem Lockdown sealant a try. Lack of use and correct wash technique meant there's been very little maring or contamination build up requiring claying or tar remover. 


Washed and dried, this was then applied in cross hatch motion a couple panels at a time given the low single digit temperatures. It's currently sitting on top of my go to drying aid Turtle Wax hybrid sealant, albeit a few weeks old. These will either compliment each other or il be left with little to no protection in a months time. 


Very nice to use, easy on easy off however can imagine in the Summer months would dry on the surface rather quickly. Left it on the rear glass a tad longer than idea and the rainbow flashing proved a little firm to buff off.







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Annual service time, P2 due however as I have a reusable multilayer foam panel filter, a quick shake n vac was all that's needed. Wipers rotated and tyre pressures checked.


Having replaced the valve covers recently, I was shocked to see the amount of oil which remains in the heads regardless of whether the sump plug was in or out. Effectively there's always a handover of 12 month old oil that'll contaminate the new and continue for another stint. 


I had the idea to carry out a flushing oil change and as I was going from Castrol Edge back to Millers Trident, I wanted a minimal handover. 




New oil put in and ran for 20mins before draining. Oil filter removed and drained also.




Nismo vs HKS Hybrid






Flushing oil on the left, 12 month old oil on the right. To think that flushing oil I'd have asked to look after my engine for the next 12 months 😳




Fresh oil poured in for the second time, ran for a couple minutes and I've never seen the dip stick so clean. If you've never done it, for the price of a tub of oil do it - she's worth it





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Annual Winter decontamination wheels off wash


Up on axle stands, wheels off for a thorough clean front and back.




Lugs nuts left to soak in Liqui Moly Rostlöser




Before of the grime




Had a sneak at the coilovers 




Various detailing brushes with Bilt Hamber Touchless 5:1




All the suspension nooks and crannies had a go over too, before being protected with ACF-50




NSR 50/50




Cleaned, dried and protected






Bodywork after the arches:

Pre wash


Two bucket wash

AutoGlym Magma *iron fallout remover


Rinse *tar and clay not needed

Auto Finesse Tripple

CarChem Lockdown Sealant

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Not sophisticated enough to have a button to make the exhaust louder, have to get the spanners out 😁


Motordyne XYZ sports cat swapped out for a 3' stainless straight pipe, for that brighter sound.






Longlife pipe I had made up needed some Dremel attention, as the merge on the y pipe has a sleeve. I took a few mm more than what was needed, to allow for heat expansion.




Went out for a drive and to get some fuel ready for Sunday. It might be due to me not having driven her for 3 weeks or the night air, bit she does feel noticeably livelier beyond 4000rpm. Sounds even more AMAZING now too.





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  • 2 weeks later...

More teeny changes, had a few broken/odd clips around the scuttle that wanted changing out for the correct ones Nissan use.


The silver oil and rad caps, got painted to match the theme.






Engine bay cleaned ahead of the anniversary event in Gaydon.




Who doesn't love protected wheels 🤷🏽‍♂️









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