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  1. Let’s hope the rain holds off ..... iv got a spare ticket if anyone needs one?
  2. Not sure what happened to mine but dropped mark a email and within a hour he’d sent me a copy of my tickets over, super helpful! What time is the last entry to the event Andy? Don’t think I’ll get down until 8 to 8.30......
  3. Has everyone got their tickets and passes through now? I had had my car pass ages ago, but never received any tickets??
  4. This is Z meet or general car meet?
  5. 1. andy James x2 tickets PAID 2. Andy_Muxlow PAID 3. 14N - PAID 4. SHEZZA x 2 tickets PAID 5. Mopedmark x2 tickets PAID 6.N1ck x2 PAID 7.BUSTER X2 PAID 8. Shire X2 paid
  6. Sorry bud only just seen this, guessing your sorted now? I had no issues with the pins though.....
  7. No there pretty much mint, were re-lacquered back end of last year. Mine are LHD drive, drove home in the dark last night and didn’t get flashed and seemed to be ok....
  8. Needs a little work to get the main bulb holder fitted and just make sure you have the right indicator bulbs, apart from that you'll be fine
  9. Just need to find some silver indicator bulbs now as there not a common size (3157, which needed the lugs trimming off to) That yellow isn’t true to the bulb colour either there more daylight white in person
  10. Iv just fitted a depo set today and more than happy, got a pair of pre facelift cheap if you want them
  11. 1. andy James + 1 PAID 2. glrnet PAID 3. Shire + 1 PAID
  12. 1. Zero:One 2. Panman - Azure P44 AAN 3. Zelda 4. Silverthorn 5. Shire
  13. Well that was a anti climax reading it all ill be starting this fun process soon
  14. 1. TubbyZ 2. Shire 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.  9. 10. 
  15. I had the same issue bud checked everything over and couldn’t find a problem so went back over the fuses and the one in the drivers footwell was the issue No.10 I think it was! Was difficult to see where it was blown must have been why I missed it first time round! i think it was my interior lights that blew it as there playing up. Hope it’s the same simple fix for you but worth another check
  16. Awesome day guys and was good to hear Adrian is going to restart Wales for 2019 sorry literally took took a few pictures
  17. Decided against travelling down today with the bad weather, spent all day cleaning her!! so I’ll see you guys just before 6.30am at LFE
  18. Happy birthday bud, see you Sunday
  19. Had mine for over 11 years now and will never sell her, bought the zed for 15k with roughly 53,000 miles which we’re done in her first three years, so had a busy life initially until I got the zed because in the last 11 years Iv only done around 35,000. She lives a mostly quiet life in the garage now on her life support machine especially these last few years, but it’s been good to get out to a few shows this year and trax will probably be her last outing for the year, before some big changes get done on the interior over winter ready for a lot more meets and shows next year! Hopefully in the not to distance future there will be a GTR sat next to her in the garage.
  20. Will do bud, think we’ll be down for 6ish! Is everyone regrouping near the track? Like the hotel we’re staying in just outside or shall we just see you guys in there?
  21. Just the closest premier inn to Silverstone bud and yes that’s the pub the Green man
  22. Good that the numbers have shot up, let’s hope the weather holds out! Iv booked a room at the premier inn the night before so not sure if anyone else fancies it for some beers or also to make it a meeting point in the morning, unless another one has been arranged???
  23. Yeah think we might this time, can have a few beers the night before as well! Anyone else fancy it? There’s a Premier inn near by with what looks a decent boozer next door....
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