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  1. Don't want to scare you, might not be the issue at all but this page talks about the fix for the leaky grommets. Might be worth a little read through Good luck!
  2. A common fault on the engines is the rocker cover grommets failing and letting oil past into the spark plug tunnel. Take the coil pack out and shine a torch down to see if any oil has collected.
  3. White on white will look great! Plenty cleaning though!
  4. A beautiful part of the world you live in! A great looking Z too. Do enjoy the roads as much as you can!
  5. Hi George, great looking zed. The jury's out on it but I really like the orange interior!
  6. I've just replaced the diff bush with the whiteline and yip, big one in the top, small in the bottom. I first had them in as per instuctions but swapped it round and it looks straighter and seems better.
  7. Welcome along. Great shine on the wheels!
  8. 1. ZeppoJeff - Aberdeen - Purple 350Z 2. Oldbonesmcgee - Aberdeen - Platinum Grey 370Z 3. -G- - Aberdeen - White 380RS 4. Jumzo - Aberdeen - Black 350Z 5. Tuck - Aberdeen - 370Z 6. LDUNKZ18 - Elgin - White 350Z 7. Tommy Gun - Aberdeen - Black 370Z 8. MUFU - Shetland - Ginger 350Z 9. Stirzz - Aberdeen - Red 370Z 10. SamCrowe - Banff- Blue 350z (de badge front) 11. -blade- - Peterhead - Brickyard 350z 12. MikeyM - Isle of Skye - Azure 350z 13. Marcin_Z33.gt - Aberdeen - (Carbon Silver?) 350z 14. cheeky_em - Isle of Skye - Silver 350Z
  9. Hey MikeyM, just stumbled across this topic. You're not alone in owning a Zed on Skye, I've just got myself one. I stay north Skye too. Give us a wave if you see me on the road!
  10. Going by the MR2, any cosmetic mods you do will look spot on! Enjoy your Zed!
  11. There's a good coat of wax on her! Nice mods, looks great!



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