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  1. Hi Alex how’s things are you in Balbeggie today ? at a loose end here could ha popped down see you let you see the zed Andy had a blether.
  2. Exhaust recommends please folks....

    Hi also looking for an exhaust and am leaning towards the Cobra.Any discount for Forum Members ?
  3. Headlights

    Hi .A couple weeks into owning my 370z I am finding the headlight a bit dim on dipped beam and not that great on full beam .Is this the norm andif so is there an upgraded lamp that resolves this issue.
  4. Nissan soft paint ?

    Cheers lads ...Black car white stone chips ouch they stand out a mile..Will get the respray done and take it from there the vinyl wrap is a good option.I hate having OCD lol
  5. 370z Exhaust (possibly cobra)

    Z Legend I am not sure if the 350Nismo fits .Maybe someone else can answer that.
  6. 370z Exhaust (possibly cobra)

    Hi Alex if you can find out if will fit then I Maugham be interested, what is an HR and what are Berks. I’ve seen forum members speaking about them when I’ve been reading up on exhausts.Ive also read that some set ups cause the engin management light to come on and others have issues at MOT time .Iam just looking for a nice throaty sound not a screamer lol No issues at MOT time and no warning lights .Thats why I fancy the cobra as they say they are bolt on and no issues with the fore mentioned.Youve got my mobile number gives a shout.
  7. 370z Exhaust (possibly cobra)

    Hi I am looking for an aftermarket exhaust possibly just the back end but may take a whole system depends on price of delivery.Not looking for anything too loud.May just buy it new but thought I'd ask in here first .
  8. Nissan soft paint ?

    Paintwork looks pretty good only real issue are the stone chips on the front bumper .There are loads but having read through many posts on here it seems it's pretty normal on the Zeds,so it looks like first job will be a front bumper/valance respray.Gotta say the 80 mile drive home after picking it up was fantastic.Exhaust was not as throaty as I expected (OE) on it so second job will be an aftermarket exhaust (I'm thinking a Cobra)) and possibly remap of some kind but I will leave that until the Spring .I need to do a bit more reading and asking for help on here before I decide to do that'. Iam kinda thinking that the bumper should not chip as much after the respray due to better paint than Nissan used when new. However the shape of the front end tends to draw stone chips.Has anyone noticed a difference after a bumper respray.?
  9. Nissan soft paint ?

    Brilliant guys thanks for the tips ...both previous cars were Mercedes so rock hard paint.I use a DA and prefer the no fillers option you mention .lets me see if I'm getting better at using it.well currently on my way to pick the car up. As I said I'll post up some close ups of the paintwork.fingers crossed they have made a good job of it pre sale but I doubt it.
  10. Nissan soft paint ?

    I ve read somewhere in the past that Nissan paint is soft ,fact or myth.? I'm picking up my black 370z on Sat but expect it will need some paint correction done,once I ve given it a close inspection. Any tips on the best product combinations for black Nissan paint.
  11. Woooohoooo can't wait . Will post up a few pics Sunday.
  12. New Black 370 Gt Edition

    Thanks all for the welcome
  13. Mid life crisis wanted a second car was looking about and thought I fancied the BMW Z4 35i mainly cause of the engine so sorted a deal with a garage down south last Saturday ( back of my mind was I love the look of the 370z better than the BMW) .so on way to Glasgow last Saturday popped into Grassicks in Perth cause they had the 1.8 version and I wanted a seat in one .Long story short I thought it was too much like a hairdressers car.So back on the road to Glasgow dealership from Manchester call to say sorry my colleague has been doing a deal with another customer on the z4 and taken a deposit. Can I source another one for you ,no thanks.In the back of my mind I was like was not meant to be.Now I had been scouring the net looking a 370z's and there was one in Glasgow ,at this point Mrs is like noooooooo we are going Xmas shopping ,I was like I'll only be 10 mins looking ,2 hours later the deposit is paid on my new 370 Gt edition lol. To be fair she likes it too. So I'm hoping to pick it up next weekend ,I've probably paid a bit over the odds for it but full service history 3 owners looks immaculate,42k on the clock 61 plate .They have put new discs n pads on the back .4 new tyres .Look forward to getting it to Balbeggie n seeing what exhaust is on it. Have you still got your GTR.
  14. Hi Alex where do I click to PM you
  15. New Black 370 Gt Edition

    Yep fingers crossed I will pick it up next weekend and post up some pics.